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What Has Been Accomplished?

The council by itself does not literally put bricks on mortar, but it has created the framework in which regional planning takes place. The region benefits from a better transportation system and better public utilities, a well-planned system of open space, and higher environmental quality.

There are also economic benefits. The region has benefited greatly from investment by such organizations as the 3M (Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing) Corp. The corporation's willingness to commit itself to the region stemmed in part from its recognition that problems that affected it and its employees would be effectively addressed. The revitalization of the downtowns of Minneapolis and St. Paul has been facilitated because investors have had confidence that transportation and other problems of the downtowns would be addressed.

More generally, the Twin Cities area is widely regarded as having a high quality of life as measured by things like public services, employment, education, and recreational and cultural amenities. There is a widespread "pride of place." Some of that emanates from a raised regional consciousness and a sense of national leadership in urban planning, development, and governance.

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