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A short course of lectures
«Measuring the Success of Learning Through Technology»

SELECTING ISOLATION TECHNIQUES LESSONS LEARNED IsolationFlipped ClassroomApplication Tools/TemplatesLESSONS LEARNED The Data Show a Clear Chain of ImpactDATA COLLECTION STRATEGY Results ReportingDesign and Implementation CostsQuestionnaires and SurveysLinking With Other MeasuresMETHODS FOR COLLECTING DATA Intangible BenefitsMeasuring ROI in a Sales Program: A Web-Based Learning SolutionLevel 1, Reaction ResultsEstimationsTime and CostABOUT THE AUTHOR Formal ReportsThe Technology Learning Competency (TLC) ProgramThe Absence of Barriers Correlates With Greater UseCOMMUNICATION OF RESULTS Process LearningGeneral Description of ApproachFINAL THOUGHTS Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD)Gain SupportPerformance RecordsBUILD CAPABILITY IN THE ROI METHODOLOGY SituationEvaluation PlanningParticipants' Peers and Direct ReportsSet PrioritiesTHE TRAINING NEED BACKGROUND CONVERTING DATA TO MONETARY VALUES THE EVOLUTION OF LEARNING TECHNIQUES BrochuresJob AidsBACKGROUND Need for the EvaluationLevel 2, Learning ObjectivesA Strong Correlation Exists Between Actual Usage and Contribution to SalesROI Analysis StrategyMEASURING RESULTS ResultsIssues and Opportunities With Comparison GroupsThe Most Influential GroupAssumptionsFINAL THOUGHTS Data Conversion TechniquesOBJECTIVES AnnouncementsProgram CostABOUT THE AUTHOR Data CollectionAcknowledgments INTANGIBLE BENEFITS Focus GroupsROI DEFINED AppendicesGeneral Audience ReportsQUESTIONS FOR DISCUSSION Level 3, Application ObjectivesSolutionISOLATING THE EFFECTS OF LEARNING LESSONS LEARNED Isolating the Effects of the ProgramTYPES OF DATA ROI CALCULATION Several Teams Have Taken Ownership of the Content ElementsBrochuresTeamwork: Mission AccomplishedDATA CONVERSION METHODS INVOLVING THE PARTICIPANT'S MANAGER COMMUNICATING WITH RESULTS IN MIND PERFORMANCE AND BUSINESS NEEDS Internal PublicationsOBSERVATIONS AND CAPTURED DATA Preprogram ActivitiesCase StudiesPerformance RecordsCategories/Levels of DataImplementationReportingQUESTIONS FOR DISCUSSION Action Plans and Performance ContractsSenior Managers and ExecutivesProblemsUSE TRANSFER TOOLS COMMUNICATE RESULTS AND EVALUATE THE RESULTS OF COMMUNICATION ActivitiesDetailed ReportsExternal DatabasesCREATING EXPECTATIONS FINAL THOUGHTS The Need for Business ResultsData AnalysisMobile LearningROI Model and ProcessCONSIDERATIONS FOR COLLECTING DATA TECHNIQUES TO ISOLATE THE EFFECTS OF LEARNING LESSONS LEARNED MemosPrefaceROI Analysis StrategyMacro-Level ScorecardsDefining the RoleMaintenance and MonitoringSuggestions RECOMMENDATIONS Level 3, Application ResultsBENEFITS OF ROI Acquisition CostsII Evaluation in Action. Case Studies Describing the Evaluation of Learning Through Technology ProgramsAdvantages and Disadvantages of Trend-Line AnalysisAbout the ROI InstituteDELIVERING BAD NEWS INTANGIBLE BENEFITS The Data Collection Plan and ROI Analysis PlanRESULTS THE IMPORTANCE OF REPORTING RESULTS ParticipantsIntangible BenefitsCalculating the CostsMeasuring ROI: The BasicsLevels 4 and 5, Business Impact and ROI ObjectivesREPORTING TO STAKEHOLDER GROUPS PROGRAM OBJECTIVES Documenting the RolesUSING THE DATA Expert EstimationABOUT THE AUTHORS DEVELOPING THE EVALUATION PLANS Historical Costs CalculationThe Executive ViewSupport and OverheadEvaluation FrameworkDEVELOP THE REPORT Validity and ReliabilityROI CALCULATION QUESTIONS FOR DISCUSSION QUESTIONS FOR DISCUSSION Program ImprovementLearning Through Technology: Trends and IssuesConversion MethodologyCostReinforcement ToolsAction PlansSimulationsBACKGROUND Reaction (Level 1) DataLevel 3 and 4 ResultsUtilityBUILT-IN APPLICATION TOOLS ADDRESSING THE NEED: ONE FAILURE A High Retention Level Yields a High Impact on SalesEliminate Unsuccessful ProgramsJustify SpendingCOMMUNICATING RESULTS ABOUT THE AUTHORS BACKGROUND Performance ContractIsolating the Effects of the ProgramApplication and Implementation CostsBasis for Linking Skills to PerformanceAccuracyE-LEARNING PROGRAM RESULTS Learning (Level 2) DataMeetingsFocus Group ApproachDetermining the BenefitsOperating Standards and PhilosophyBusiness Impact (Level 4) DataMessages From ExecutivesOther Factors Are Always PresentTo Do It Right Is Not Always EasyPLANNING EVALUATION PLAN AND OBJECTIVES Measuring ROI in an English-asa-Second-Language Program: An Online Learning SolutionMeasuring ROI in Work Engagement: A Blended Learning SolutionOther SourcesReporting and Using the ResultsHard Data vs. Soft DataTarget audience Why This Is NecessaryComparison Group AnalysisDESIGNING AND IMPLEMENTING THE SOLUTIONS SELECT THE MEDIA IDENTIFY THE NEEDS GENERATING HIGH RESPONSE RATES Impact ResultsOrganizational ResponseInternal and External ExpertsParticipants' ManagersData Collection PlanGame-Based LearningSingle-Page ReportsBarriers to ApplicationRESOURCES Evaluation and ReportingResults Are MissingLevel 1, Reaction ObjectivesQUESTIONS FOR DISCUSSION MEASUREMENT METHODS AND DATA ANALYSIS Rationale for ROITangible vs. Intangible DataEnablers to ApplicationThe Content Was Not Only Useful but Very RelevantDesigning for ResultsMeasuring ROI in Sales Training: A Game-Based ProgramBACKGROUND Other Factors Have Protective OwnersEVALUATION RESULTS CONCERNS ABOUT TECHNOLOGY-BASED LEARNING ROI ResultsImprove the Learning ProgramLESSONS LEARNED Evaluation ObjectivesElectronic MediaCase StudiesLevel 4, Business Impact ResultsTHE NEED Data Conversion to MoneyFIVE STEPS TO DATA CONVERSION Improvement Plans and GuidesData AnalysisPost-Program ActivitiesROI PROCESS COMMUNICATION STRATEGY Level 1 and 2 DataMeasuring ROI in a Sales Program: An E-Learning SolutionROI Process ModelDETERMINING THE TIMING OF DATA COLLECTION Forecasting MethodsTHE ROI METHODOLOGY KEY STAKEHOLDERS Level 5, ROIIsolating the Effects of the ProgramComparing Data to MoneyWithout Isolation, There Is Only Evidence, Not ProofCase Applications and PracticeFULLY LOADED COSTS Standard ValuesFINAL THOUGHTS IDENTIFYING THE SOURCE Level 3 and 4 DataDuring-the-Program ActivitiesTrend-Line AnalysisTHE E-LEARNING SOLUTION Organizational ProfileROI CERTIFICATION FINAL THOUGHTS Reasons for Lack of DataCHANGING THE ROLE OF PARTICIPANTS ROI Analysis PlanInvolving the ManagersEvaluation MethodologyPURPOSE OF EVALUATION Development of SolutionsIntangible BenefitsEVALUATION METHODOLOGY IDENTIFY THE AUDIENCE Two books in one Evaluating the ProgramDESIGN FOR RELEVANCE ACHIEVING BUSINESS ALIGNMENT Level 2, Learning ResultsWorkbooksApplication of Content Yields Business ResultsMassive Open Online Course (MOOC)EVALUATION RESULTS IndexDetermining Program ObjectivesEvaluation Planning and Data CollectionI The ROI Methodology. A Credible Approach to Evaluating Your Learning Through Technology ProgramsCOMMUNICATION PLAN Questionnaire ApproachDATA COLLECTION PLAN Data Collection StrategyIdentifying Measures Before the ProgramStakeholder ResponseClarifying Stakeholder NeedsProgram DescriptionSkill PracticesFINAL THOUGHTS ABOUT THE AUTHOR InterviewsFully Loaded CostMeasuring ROI in an Upgrade Selling Program: A Mobile Learning SolutionABOUT THE AUTHORS Application (Level 3) DataIsolation TechniquesDISCUSSION QUESTIONS ISOLATING THE IMPACT OF TRAINING DESIGN FOR RESULTS Open Educational Resources (OER)Initial Analysis and AssessmentProgram CostsEVALUATION METHODOLOGY Need for the Program
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