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IT Project Management: A Geek Guide to Leadership

PrefaceInitiationSelecting a Geek LeaderThe Geek Leadership ChallengeThe LionThe BearThe SnakeOverview of This BookWhy Geek Leadership Is DifferentWhat Is a Leader?Great Geek LeadershipTransformational LeadershipIT Geeks Are DifferentThe Big Five Personality TraitsMyers-Briggs Type Indicator StudyInformation Technology Projects are DifferentWhy Are IT Projects So Sickly?We Need IT Geeks to Lead IT GeeksEmotionally Intelligent CommunicationsThe Importance of Effective CommunicationMissed SignalsBasic Brain OperationsInstinctEmotionsBasic EmotionsEmotions and Subtle Forms of CommunicationIntellectIntuitionSchemas and CommunicationsThe Rational-Emotive Behavior ModelThe Communications Cycle and the REB ModelThe Communications Cycle and Self-ImagesThe Talk ContinuumAnalysis of the Missed Signals Use CaseGround TruthKeys to Emotionally Intelligent Communications for IT GeeksPlanDo’s andDon’tsCheckActConclusion: Communicating in a Complex EnvironmentSelf-LeadershipThings Are ChangingSelf-TalkThe SelfInternal MotivationRewriting Your CodeImproving Your Self-TalkMonitor Your Self-TalkEdit Your Self-TalkPractice Being Your “Inner Counselor”Create and Engage in Constructive Self-TalkThe Self-Leadership CycleCommitLearnSeek MentorshipExperimentExperimentation ExercisesReview and AnalyzeLeadership Journal ExerciseDeveloping Your Leadership MindsetFollowershipWhat Is a Follower?Use Case: Everything Is SpinningEffective FollowershipUnifying PurposeThe Leader and Effective FollowersMotivating FollowersLeaders Should Do What Only They Can DoThe Leader, the Followers, and ConflictLoyalty and SubmissionEthical ConflictInfluencing the TeamFollower MaturityCog’s LadderThe Bruce Tuckman ModelConflict ResolutionPraise and ReprimandsResentmentTask PerformanceBuilding Great GroupsTeam CharterReverse MicromanagementConclusionFollowership AssessmentPersonal CredibilityThe Incredible CraigSocial Styles for Personal CredibilityDriverExpressiveAmiableAnalyticalAnalysis of “The Incredible Craig”Mindful CredibilityStep One: Know YourselfYour AppearanceYour CompetenceYour Oral Presentation SkillsUse of FeedbackStep Two: Control YourselfThe Organized LeaderOvercoming MistakesMaintaining ComposureSelf-Talk to Improve Personal CredibilityStep Three: Know OthersStep Four: Do Something for OthersAccommodating PreferencesCredibility and FollowersRespect for OthersValue DiversityDelivering Bad NewsConclusionLeadership Assessment QuestionnaireProject Leadership IntegrationCompTIA Project+ Project DomainsInitiation/Pre-Project SetupProject PlanningProduct Life CyclesProject Execution and DeliveryChange Control and CommunicationsProject ClosureLeadership IntegrationBest Practice: US Air Force Airman Comprehensive Assessment (ACA)ConclusionLeadership Integration Plan TemplateCloseoutSidelinedGold PlatingLet’s Do This Another WayYou Are No Steve JobsI Can Handle the TruthA Not-So-Simple RequirementCreating the Leadership StandardCreating a ScheduleAre You Practicing What You Preach?Anxious and Uncomfortable, but Not AloneLeadership in ActionA Leadership OpportunityStay Out of the WayThe Final Deliverable

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