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Antisemitism and Anti-Zionism Representation

AcknowledgementsSeries Editor's PrefaceForewordIntroductionThe Necessity of Studying Antisemitism and Anti-ZionismExamining Responses to Antisemitism and Anti-ZionismAntisemitism and Anti-Zionism: Representation, Cognition and Everyday TalkCase Studies: Antisemitism and Anti-Zionism among Iranians and British Pakistani MuslimsThe Islamic Republic of IranThe Pakistani Muslim community in BritainOverview of the BookII Antisemitism and Anti-ZionismAntisemitism: Continuities and DiscontinuitiesIntroductionAntisemitism: Conceptual IssuesAntisemitism across Time, Space and MediumAntisemitism in antiquityChristendomThe Middle AgesAntisemitism after the EnlightenmentThe destructive action orientation of modern antisemitismAntisemitism in the Islamic worldHolocaust denialUnderstanding Antisemitism: Theory and ResearchOverviewIsrael and the Emergence of Anti-Zionism and “New Antisemitism”IntroductionThe Birth of Israel and the Israeli-Arab ConflictThe Israeli-Arab conflictThe Israeli-Palestinian conflictAnti-Zionist RepresentationsAnti-Zionism and its Action OrientationEmpirical Research into Anti-ZionismOverviewA Social Psychological Framework for Examining Representation, Cognition and Everyday TalkIntroductionSocial Representations TheoryDelegitimising and Dehumanising RepresentationsIdentity Process TheoryIntergroup Threat TheoryOverviewIII Textual and Visual Representations of Jews and the Jewish StateRepresenting the Jewish State in the Iranian Press1IntroductionDelegitimiting the Jewish StateConstructing Israel as a ThreatConstructing National Agency in Global Anti-ZionismOverviewVisualising the Holocaust: Iran's Holocaust Cartoon Contest1IntroductionFigure 6.1 Contributors to the 2006 International Holocaust Cartoon CompetitionConstructing the “Evil Jew” and “Bloodthirsty Israel”Palestinian Suffering as the “Real” HolocaustNazi-Zionism as an International ConspiracyOverviewIV Thinking and Talking about Jews and the Jewish State“Death to Israel”: Perceptions of Israel and Jews among Iranian MuslimsIntroductionAnti-Zionism and Iranian National IdentityHardliners and the centrality of anti-ZionismReformists and the peripherality of anti-ZionismPositioning Jews in relation to the IngroupCreating and Elaborating Antisemitic Social RepresentationsAnti-Zionism and Holocaust RevisionismOverview“I'm not Antisemitic but … ”: Perceptions of Israel and Jews among British Pakistani MuslimsIntroduction“Zionism is Evil”: Making Sense of ZionismDefeating the State of IsraelDeflecting Antisemitism through Compartmentalisation ProcessesCarving a Space in the Islamic UmmahOverviewV Responding to Antisemitism and Anti-ZionismRe-Visiting Siege Mentality: Israeli Responses to Antisemitism and Anti-Zionism1IntroductionPerceived Outgroup Hostility and the Implications for IdentityMuslim Anti-Zionism as a Continuation of AntisemitismHolocaust Denial, Siege and IdentityThe centrality of the Holocaust in security perceptionsThe threat of Holocaust denialCoping with Antisemitism: Re-Establishing Belonging and Self-EsteemOverviewBritish Jews: Making Sense of Antisemitism and Anti-ZionismIntroductionAssimilating and Accommodating Jewishness and Israel in the Self-ConceptSetting the Boundaries of Antisemitism and Anti-ZionismCoping with Threatened Identity: Re-Constructing Jewishness and IsraelIndividual and interpersonal strategies for coping with threatJoining pressure groups for defending Israel/ZionismOverviewAntisemitism and Anti-Zionism: Putting the Pieces TogetherSome Implications