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Drumbeat: New Media and the Radicalization and Militarization of Young People

ReferencesThe Social War: Hybrid-Warfare and the Application of Social Media as Perceptual WeaponryThe Social War and the Tools of PerceptionThe Social War and Information “Intangibles”War by Other Means: Information Warfare in the 2 I st CenturyWeaponizing Social Media and InformationThe Russian “Troll Factory”The Social War: Beyond Simple PropagandaPop Culture Propaganda: Gaming, Social Media - the Case of the Islamic StateConclusion:The Social War - Information Warfare in the 21st centuryReferencesPlaying@War: Video Games, New Media and Modern WarfareGames as Weapons of “Perceptual Damage”State Actors and the Recruitment of “Human Materiel”ConclusionGoPro-War, Live Streaming and the Gamification and Cinematic Construction of Terror and Armed Conflict-Themed MediaPolitical Imagery: From Sontag to GoProConclusion“Toughen Up”: Cultural Politics and the Hardening of YouthYoung People as “Materiel” and AudienceViolence, Fear and SpectacleThe Mediatization of ViolenceViolence, Danger and the Fear of the Other“Cultural Pessimism”Militarization, Habitus and Social DisciplineConclusionThe Corruption of Language: “Radicalization”Revolutionaries, Radicals and Extremists“Engine of Change”: Politically Radical Students, Paris ’68 and the Anti-Vietnam War MovementConclusion“Hell Is Empty. And All the Devils Are Here.”: Apocalyptic Thinking and the Emergence of “Death Cults”Islamic State: An Apocalyptic Death CultCultural Despair and Crisis CultsThe SS:A Political Death CultWhite Power and the “End ofTimes”Making Sense of Apocalyptic Thinking in the Islamic and Alt-Right Political MovementsConclusionHabitus and the Mechanics of MilitarizationThe “Military-Industrial Complex”Militarization as a Cultural and Political Form“Social Discipline” and HabitusConclusion:The Ludic Military Habitus as the Pedagogy of MilitarizationMilitarization: The New “Civilizing Process”The “Civilizing Process”: Life in “Late Barbarian Society”Militarization and the LifeworldCivilizing and MilitarizingConclusionPerpetual Social WarBringing the War HomeConclusion

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