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A Poetics of Third Theatre: Performer Training, Dramaturgy, Cultural Action

Third TheatreA poetics of Third TheatreHistoriographical genealogy, case studies, looking to the futureUnconditional hospitalityArtisanal craft(Re)enchantmentPerformer training and dramaturgyCultural actionThe interstitialNotesThird Theatre: A genealogy of the conceptCultural material contextThe need to remain a foreignerCultural repertoires and (re)enchantmentThe 'Thirds'NotesThird Theatre: A genealogy of the practiceTheatre laboratoriesBarterTheatre anthropologyThe Third Theatre EncountersThe International Workshop of Theatre Research (21-29 September 1976, Belgrade, Yugoslavia)The International Atelier of Group Theatre (28 August - 6 September 1977, Bergamo, Italy)Ayacucho '78: III Encounter of Third Theatre (May 1978, Ayacucho, Peru)IV International Third Theatre Encounter (November 1979, Madrid and Lekeito)V International Colloquium ofCroup Theatre (10-21 October 1981, Zacatecas, Mexico)Reencuentro Ayacucho '88: The Eighth International Meeting of Group Theatre (19-20 November 1988, Chaclacayo, Peru)More recent EncountersConclusionLUME (Brazil)Performer training: Developing personal techniqueGrupo Cultural Yuyachkani (Peru)Triangle Theatre (UK)Expanding dramaturgical strategies and participatory projectsFrom performer training to facilitation: Bare EssentialsTrance-tellingArchival research and heritage theatreFrom landscape performance to Carran's Creative LabNordisk Teaterlaboratorium (Denmark): Third Theatre todayA laboratory in fluxNTL artistsSnapshots from the NTL FestivalConclusionFrom interculturalism to cultural performanceThird Theatre: Embodiment, craft, (re)enchantmentEmbodiment and laboratory theatrePedagogy and facilitation as cultural actionConclusionThird Theatre exercises: An expanded practiceLUMEYuyachkaniNTL artists

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