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Peasants in World History

Peasant WorldsPeasant WorkPeasant Communities and the Peasant QuestionPeasant Frontiers and Peasant RegimesSelected ReadingsNew Frontiers: From the First Peasants to Early Agrarian StatesBy the Sweat of Your Brow: The First PeasantsLiving with the Forests: Slash and Burn FarmingWorking Together: Peasants and Village SocietiesMaking Social Groups: New HierarchiesAdvancing Agriculture: The Expansion of RegionalCentralizing Power: Early Agrarian StatesSelected ReadingsExtending Frontiers: Agrarian Empires and Their PeasantsConquering the World: Rising and Falling EmpiresFeeding the Kings: Wealth, Hierarchies and PeasantriesRuling the Families: Work, Kinship and PatriarchyExtending Frontiers: A World with Divergent Peasant RegimesSelected ReadingsInterconnecting Frontiers: Imperial Growth, Commercial Expansion and the Peasantization of the WorldPeasantries and Imperial Frontier ExpansionPeasantries and Frontier Expansion in EuropePeasantries and Transoceanic Frontier ExpansionThe First Global Frontier and the Peasantization of the WorldSelected ReadingsIntensifying Frontiers: The Territorialization of Peasantries and the Final EnclosureReforming the Land and the PeasantThe Making of National Peasantries and the Global Food FrontierModernization, Land Reforms and the Final EnclosureSelected ReadingsGlobalizing Frontiers: The Reform of Peasantries in a Neoliberal WorldRising Inequalities in the Rural WorldA New Global Agriculture and Food RegimeThe Reform of Peasantries and the Contradictions of De-peasantizationRegional Divergence in a World of Globalizing FrontiersSelected ReadingsThe End of Frontiers: The Past and the Future of PeasantsWriting a Peasant HistoryUpdating the Peasant QuestionRethinking the Peasant WayLearning from History, Learning for the Future

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