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Cultural Chauvinism: Intercultural Communication and the Politics of Superiority

PrefaceAcknowledgmentsMany faces of cultural chauvinismSpecial case of Western valuesClash of culturesNotesDemocracy is WesternDiplomatic dilemmaWestern values as boogeymanThe torture dilemmaFrom dilemma to ambivalenceThe Trump doctrineWestern press’s reconsiderationNotesAll things modern are WesternAfrica: the ultimate in non-WesternScience/technology are WesternHumor, glitz are Western tooAre they really?NotesAll things nefarious are non-WesternPractices alien to the WestCorruption is non-WesternCorruption paradoxNationalism is non-WesternNotesThe hell of war is non-WesternBiafra and the African EuropeansNoteAll things decadent are WesternWestern values as decadenceThe Muslim invectiveAfricans say noPressure and backlashOf pornography, prostitution, and miniskirtsNotesImmodest dressers and desecratersAbusers of heritage, people, and natureContention not ConfucianThe Kagame doctrineKagame turns the tableNotesAs democracies turnNigeria’s press is free, except when it isn’tIndia: press freedom at ‘Internet shutdown capital’NotesDark history of distinctionsColonization as civilizing missionSlave trade, slavery, and DarwinAcademia and the primitiveRace hierarchy in contemporary timesOtherness and a warNotesWho civilized the Greeks that civilized the West?Negritude as Africans’ exceptionalismAfrica as cradle of civilizationSummationNotesPolitical convergenceAlienation and recognitionTumultuous originsThe Enlightenment as fuelEurope as bridgeheadSkepticism on convergenceNotesOnward from the bridgeheadWest’s ‘civil wars’ over valuesCanada’s West coast Christian accordMuslims critical of IslamNotesCultural humilityThe last historySummationNotesPostscriptNoteReferencesIndex

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