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Ferenczi on Freud’s Couch: A Finished Analysis?

I Before the actual request for analysis (1908-1912)Teaching, love and trembling (1908-1909)Chercher la femme (winter 1910)Trust and combat (1910-1912)Chercher la femme, once againStrictest secret!The nature of the thingElma or the impossible analysis (1911)Freud, Gizella, an edifying blunderFerenczi, Elma, Freud: a story without endThe Emma Jung incident (fall, 191 I)Ferenczi and the Emma incidentFerenczi and Freud after the Emma Jung incidentFreud, the father of psychoanalysis and impossible analyst?Paternal transference or filial transference?The confrontation between Jung and Freud (December 1912)Ferenczi’s comments on JungThe request for analysis (December 26, 1912)A first session?The missing name of the traumaActing out and questioningLaying the groundwork (1912-1913)Freud’s hesitationIn-depth analysis or Secret CommitteeConquering reservationsFerenczi’s propensity to transferenceFaith, incredulity and trustFrom transference trust to transference loveBefore the fort-da, there was the gestureLou Andreas-SalomeThe actual analysis (1914-1916)Little by littleThe occlusive pessary dreamThe first segment of analysisThe second segment of analysisThe third segment of analysisFinished but not terminated?A second letter written in the après-coup of analysisM isunderstanding in the transferenceThe “pleasure animal” returns to workFreud in distressRecovery and good resolutionsBattle orders and transference disorder (May-December 1917)Transference disorderA criminal refusal?Budapest: Great expectations (1918-1919)Hard at workThe success of the 1918 CongressA mitigated achievementWind in the sailsBoldly forward, analysts! (early months of 1919)M ission accomplished - game over?Light and shadowTransference in analysis and between collaboratorsFrom public consecration to personal aspirations (summer 1918-spring 1919)An ominous futureFervent desire, mourning and renunciationChange of toneDeath strikes, “la séance continue”Nostalgia, nostalgiaLoosening old tiesLou Andreas-Salomé, unwaveringAn unparalleled nominationTroubled or untroubled?Personal analysis and analytic trajectoryFerenczi’s analysis and its sad epilogueWith Georg Groddeck (192 I)NoteConclusion Possibilities for the future

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