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A short course of lectures
«Polyurethanes science, technology, markets, and trends»

GOVERNMENTAL REGULATION OF ISOCYANATESBlowing AgentsTrends in PU CoatingsUse of Aliphatic Isocyanates Aliphatic IsocyanatesAnalysis of IsocyanatesFormation of uretonimineAPPLICATIONSPolyurethane elastomers : manufacture, applications, markets, and trendsPIPA Polyols Slabstock FoamsReactions of PolycarbamatesScreening TestsModels for elastomer stress strain propertiesAllophanate FormationBlowing Agent Phase-Out ScheduleAFMThermoplastic Polyurethanes Polyurethane flexible foams: manufacture, applications, markets, and trendsAPPLICATIONSPolycarbonate Polyols Rigid Construction Foam Market SegmentsPolyester Polyol Building Blocks Two-part Solvent-Borne Coating Copolymer Polyols Formation of AmidesCathetersNONIS OCYANATE ROUTES TO POLYURETHANESAdhesive FormulationsCalculating Foam Properties PrepolymersOptical Microscopy Formation of IJretidione (isocyanate dimer)Other PolyolsAromatic Polyester Polyols PROPERTIES OF POLYURETHANESAPPLICATIONSPreparation of Polyester Polyols Filled PolyolsCOATINGSPolyacrylate PolyolsWaterborne Coatings FootwearCast Elastomers REGIONAL MARKET DYNAMICSANALYSIS OF REAGENTS FOR MAKING POLYURETHANESPolyurethane rigid foams: manufacture, applications, markets, and trendsPolyisocyanurate Foams The Molded Foam MarketBioabsorbable PolyurethanesFLEXIBLE FOAM FORMULATION AND STRUCTURE-PROPERTY RELATIONSHIPSReactions of isocyanates with active hydrogen compoundsSpecial topics: medical uses of polyurethaneFORMATION OF POLYURETHANE STRUCTURENUCLEAR MAGNETIC SPECTROSCOPYINSULATION FUNDAMENTALSConversion of Hydroxamic Acids to PolyurethaneMattresses and BeddingPolyether PolyolsMECHANICAL ANALYSISProduction of MDI FurnitureAnalytical characterization of polyurethanesHydrogelsWound DressingsGloves and CondomsTrends in PU AdhesivesSAXS PU Powder Coatings INSTRUMENTAL ANALYSIS OF POLYURETHANESBLOWING AGENTS AND INSULATION FUNDAMENTALS Analysis of pMDI Aliphatic Polyester Polyols MAKING POLYURETHANE FOAMSTensile, Tear, and Elongation TestingReactions of Polycyclic Carbonates with PolyaminesPolyurethane Building BlocksMARKETS AND PARTICIPANTSPU Coating FormulationsTheoretical concepts and techniques in polyurethane scienceConversion of Hydroxylamines to PolyurethanesTDIModels and Calculations for Polymer ModulusCatalysisWaterborne Hybrids Mechanism and catalysis of urethane formationSurfactancyDiphenylmethane Diisocyanates (MDI)Production of Aliphatic IsocyanatesAppliance FoamsFoam Formulation and Structure-Property RelationshipsUrea FormationFOAM PROCESSESWide-Angle X-ray Scattering Trends in Footwear Applications IR SpectrometryNonfootwear Elastomer Applications and Methods of ManufactureCPR Seed Oil-Derived PolyolsPHD PolyolsDMATRENDS IN PU ELASTOMERSConstruction FoamsMolded FoamsTRENDS IN RIGID FOAMS TECHNOLOGYREGIONAL MARKET DYNAMICSADHESIVESMicroscopyConventional Production of TDI TransportationPU Elastomer Fibers Reaction Injection Molding Elastomers Factors that Affect Polyurethane Stress-Strain Behavior UV Cured Waterborne Dispersions for Coatings POLYOLSPolyurethane flexible foams chemistry and fabricationPolymerization of Alkoxides to Polyethers ISOCYANATESAnalysis of PolyolsOne-Part Adhesives Polyurethane adhesives and coatings: manufacture, applications, markets, and trendsNonphosgene Routes to TDI Direct Transformations of Amines to UrethanesPreparation of Seed Oil-Derived Polyols X-ray AnalysesCHAIN EXTENDERSSEMBuilding Blocks ADHESIVE AND COATING INDUSTRIES: SIMILARITIES AND DIFFERENCESThe Polyurethane Glass Transition TemperatureSpecial topic: nonisocyanate routes to polyurethanesTECHNOLOGY Waterborne PU Adhesives Polyester PolyolsFormation of carbodiimideTEMTRENDS IN MOLDED FOAM TECHNOLOGY AND MARKETSSpray, Poured, and Froth Foams Surfactancy and Catalysis Formation of BiuretsHydroxyl Number Hotmelt Adhesives
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