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A short course of lectures
«Polyurethanes science, technology, markets, and trends»

MECHANICAL ANALYSISSeed Oil-Derived PolyolsDirect Transformations of Amines to UrethanesReaction Injection Molding Elastomers REGIONAL MARKET DYNAMICSTensile, Tear, and Elongation TestingTwo-part Solvent-Borne Coating CatalysisWaterborne PU Adhesives Construction FoamsNONIS OCYANATE ROUTES TO POLYURETHANESGloves and CondomsMAKING POLYURETHANE FOAMSMechanism and catalysis of urethane formationSpecial topic: nonisocyanate routes to polyurethanesTrends in Footwear Applications ADHESIVESAnalysis of pMDI ISOCYANATESWound DressingsProduction of MDI The Molded Foam MarketWide-Angle X-ray Scattering Theoretical concepts and techniques in polyurethane scienceADHESIVE AND COATING INDUSTRIES: SIMILARITIES AND DIFFERENCESThe Polyurethane Glass Transition TemperatureBuilding Blocks Molded FoamsHydrogelsPolymerization of Alkoxides to Polyethers CPR Rigid Construction Foam Market SegmentsFootwearSurfactancy and Catalysis Formation of BiuretsTEMPolyisocyanurate Foams AFMSlabstock FoamsTrends in PU AdhesivesAllophanate FormationNUCLEAR MAGNETIC SPECTROSCOPYPOLYOLSReactions of isocyanates with active hydrogen compoundsTRENDS IN RIGID FOAMS TECHNOLOGYMicroscopyOther PolyolsAPPLICATIONSAnalysis of PolyolsCathetersINSTRUMENTAL ANALYSIS OF POLYURETHANESPolyether PolyolsPolyurethane Building BlocksFoam Formulation and Structure-Property RelationshipsGOVERNMENTAL REGULATION OF ISOCYANATESCOATINGSConversion of Hydroxamic Acids to PolyurethaneSEMPolycarbonate Polyols One-Part Adhesives CHAIN EXTENDERSPROPERTIES OF POLYURETHANESThermoplastic Polyurethanes MARKETS AND PARTICIPANTSScreening TestsPreparation of Seed Oil-Derived Polyols TRENDS IN PU ELASTOMERSFurnitureSurfactancyPolyester Polyol Building Blocks IR SpectrometryPreparation of Polyester Polyols Polyurethane flexible foams chemistry and fabricationCopolymer Polyols Formation of carbodiimideX-ray AnalysesTDIAnalysis of IsocyanatesPU Coating FormulationsFORMATION OF POLYURETHANE STRUCTUREPolyurethane rigid foams: manufacture, applications, markets, and trendsANALYSIS OF REAGENTS FOR MAKING POLYURETHANESOptical Microscopy Aliphatic IsocyanatesAPPLICATIONSUrea FormationReactions of Polycyclic Carbonates with PolyaminesHydroxyl Number Factors that Affect Polyurethane Stress-Strain Behavior Waterborne Hybrids Conventional Production of TDI PU Elastomer Fibers Polyurethane elastomers : manufacture, applications, markets, and trendsPHD PolyolsConversion of Hydroxylamines to PolyurethanesWaterborne Coatings Trends in PU CoatingsCalculating Foam Properties TRENDS IN MOLDED FOAM TECHNOLOGY AND MARKETSPolyurethane flexible foams: manufacture, applications, markets, and trendsPIPA Polyols DMASAXS Polyacrylate PolyolsPU Powder Coatings REGIONAL MARKET DYNAMICSReactions of PolycarbamatesTransportationFilled PolyolsNonfootwear Elastomer Applications and Methods of ManufactureSpray, Poured, and Froth Foams Diphenylmethane Diisocyanates (MDI)Aliphatic Polyester Polyols Formation of IJretidione (isocyanate dimer)BLOWING AGENTS AND INSULATION FUNDAMENTALS Polyurethane adhesives and coatings: manufacture, applications, markets, and trendsAPPLICATIONSAdhesive FormulationsTECHNOLOGY Models and Calculations for Polymer ModulusMattresses and BeddingAromatic Polyester Polyols Analytical characterization of polyurethanesAppliance FoamsBlowing Agent Phase-Out ScheduleFormation of uretonimineUse of Aliphatic Isocyanates FLEXIBLE FOAM FORMULATION AND STRUCTURE-PROPERTY RELATIONSHIPSFormation of AmidesProduction of Aliphatic IsocyanatesNonphosgene Routes to TDI Polyester PolyolsINSULATION FUNDAMENTALSCast Elastomers Hotmelt AdhesivesPrepolymersBlowing AgentsModels for elastomer stress strain propertiesBioabsorbable PolyurethanesSpecial topics: medical uses of polyurethaneUV Cured Waterborne Dispersions for Coatings FOAM PROCESSES
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