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Why should I invest regularly?

Investing regularly teaches you the discipline and commitment necessary to achieve your financial goals. It also directs money that may have been used for unnecessary expenses into investments that help you achieve your long-term financial goals.

How do I create a goal?

You may create a goal around nearly anything that you can imagine. It is very important that you focus on attainable goals that are easily manageable.

Must I have personal financial software in order to be successful at managing my financial goals?

No. Your money can easily be managed on anything from the back of a napkin to an Excel spreadsheet. What you must focus on is to adopting behaviors that will allow you to begin to accumulate wealth, keep your spending in check, and be sensitive to your financial goals. Software merely helps you keep track of most of your sources of spend-

What do I do if my investing goals conflict?

Sometimes investing goals conflict. You may want to save to purchase a house, and simultaneously save to help fund your children's education. You will always have choices, and it is a personal decision to fund one choice over another. But one thing is certain: If you cut expenses and increase your income, you will be better able to fund more goals than if you do not.

ing and saving in one place, and imports data automatically from your banks and investment accounts, saving you time that would be spent doing everything on paper.

Why should my goals be easily manageable?

As you make these life changes, you will want to see results and reward yourself many times, in order to reinforce the changes in behavior and attitudes that financial success requires.

What are some examples of financial goals?

Some financial goals might be: reduce debt by 20%; save 10% of what I earn; save $20,000 to pay for a house down payment, reduce my credit card debt to $1,000.00, save $10,000 per year for my children's education; and reduce my heating expenses by 25%.

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