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Interpreting the theoretical construction of the wellbeing function in coronavirus episode

There are no available data on the relationship between treatments and either confirmed cases or cured patients of coronavirus disease. Therefore, a complete statistical evaluation of the wellbeing function is only theoretically possible but yet instructive. World data (Our World in Data;20 European CDC)21 on comparative cumulative ‘testing’ and confirmation of incidence of coronavirus incidence shows that between December 2019 and June 2020, there existed conformable increases in cumulative number per million people (Xj) and in the rates of increase (x2) in both of these indicators. Some statistical implications can be derived in this respect.

Consider the functional relationship of effectual wellbeing, W^/Dx/T), meaning the consequential effect of treatments ‘T’ on reduction of X] and x2. Thereby, wdth the effectiveness of knowledge as unity between the variables Xj and x2 in respect of the ‘T’-effect, the variables all together are under the influence of unity of knowledge signified by ‘0’ affecting ‘T’ and thereby expectedly reducing (xi/T,x2/T)[0].

This result implies that there ought to be simultaneous compounded impact of complementary medicine, economy, society, and moral-material treatment of self, behaviour, and environment to realize the increase in wellbeing for pandemic cure. Such complementarities between medicinal and behavioural effectiveness are realized by the impact of {0} as endogenous learning in unity of knowledge affecting the wellbeing criterion function and its circular causation relations. Yet data point out that treatment underlying increased cumulative testing does not reduce the increase and rate of increase in confirmed coronavirus cases. Thereby, the compounded applications and treatments in the context of their medical, economic, social, and moral inclusiveness remain ineffective. According to the discussion given earlier this result of coronavirus cure in the absence or weakness of inter-causal medical applications and complementarities between treatments is a cause of ineffective alleviation of coronavirus pandemic. Furthermore, expression (3.14) points to the complementary practice of medicine and treatment with the continuity of evolutionary learning by {0} as a most desired area of implementation.

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