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Which colleges and universities use the FAFSA application to help finance a college or university experience?

Nearly every college and university in the United States uses FAFSA to assist with funding a student's education.

Why are there so many questions on the FAFSA application?

The questions on the FAFSA application are designed to help families demonstrate a financial need to receive financial aid. It ensures that students who have real financial need get the most assistance available to fund their college or university experience.

What is an expected family contribution?

After filling out the FAFSA form, the authorities will determine how much the student's family should contribute to the educational expense—the expected family contribution—and how much financial aid the student will receive to cover the gap. As each institution has different fees and expenses, the amount of financial aid may differ between institutions.

What if I have had some unusual expenses that make my ability to pay for my child's education more difficult?

If you have had unusual medical expenses, or dramatic changes in income, these circumstances should be noted on your application and discussed with the financial aid office of the school at which your child is applying.

How does the financial aid actually come to me?

Generally, the financial aid will be paid directly to the institution to cover tuition and room and board, if necessary. Any remaining amount may be remitted to you to cover other additional living expenses or educational materials.

If I am applying to different schools, must I submit a separate FAFSA application to each one?

No, your printed application may be used at up to four schools that you specify on the application. If you intend to include more than four, you may add up to ten schools by completing an online application.

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