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«The world bank group A to Z»

Disaster Risk Management Journals World Bank Group and PPPsDevelopment Economics Investment Climate Operational ManualCompliance Advisor Ombudsman DIEG Universal Financial Inclusion MIGA and MicrofinanceMonterrey Consensus World Trade Organization President Replenishment IFC and WaterIFC and Risk Management World Bank Group and Transport and ICTGlobal Infrastructure Facility Meeting the GoalsWorld Bank in South AsiaProcurement Safety Nets World Bank and Trust FundsPovertyRural Development IBRD Human Rights and Justice InstitutionsAFR World Bank Group in the Middle East and North AfricaWorld Development Report Robert B. ZoellickMIGA and Climate ChangeGoals, World Bank Group Concessional Lending IFC and MicrofinanceN-OIFC's Project CycleTransport and ICT IFC in Europe and Central AsiaAid Effectiveness HGovernanceSmall States Paul D. WolfowitzBoards of Directors CWorld Bank Group and GenderDevelopment and Capacity Building ProgramsEnvironment and Natural Resources Sustainable Development The Participation and Civic Engagement GroupCross-Cutting Solution Areas IFC in East Asia and PacificHuman Rights McCloy, John J. George WoodsLGuaranteesWorld Bank and Transport and ICTProject CycleSocial Protection and Labor World Bank Group and WaterGlobal Public Goods Organizational Structure Annual Bank Conference on Development Economics Africa, Sub-SaharanLegal MIGA and Transport and ICTInternational Development Association Resource Allocation Index MIGA and GenderIFCTechnical Assistance Finance and Markets World Bank Group and JobsConciliation and Arbitration Open Data InitiativeInternational Bank for Reconstruction and Development Poverty Regional Chief Economists World Bank in East Asia and PacificWorld Bank Group and Conflict CountriesIndigenous Peoples MIGA in AfricaDocuments and Reports MIGA and InfrastructureWorld Bank and Health, Nutrition, and PopulationInternal Audit Results-Based Financing Bond and Investment ProductsWorld Bank in Europe and Central AsiaReviewing Internal GovernanceEthics and Business Conduct Political Risk Guarantees Risk ManagementWorld Bank and GenderInternational Monetary Fund Open Government Transport and ICTConsultations Country Management Units U-VParis Declaration on Aid Effectiveness Local Currency Finance Developing and Industrial CountriesEAP EVoting Power External and Corporate Relations Compliance Mechanisms and Monitoring Fiduciary Policies Green Bonds Europe and Central AsiaClausen, Alden W. IFC and Conflict CountriesIFC and TradeFiscal Year I and Part II CountriesSpecial InitiativesArchives Preston, Lewis T. Social, Urban, Rural, and ResilienceLatin America and the CaribbeanKnowledge Sharing SCorporate Governance Program-for-Results Upper-Middle-lncome Countries Universal Health Coverage TradeBlack, Eugene Lower-Middle-lncome Countries IBRD, IDA, and Blend Countries and GraduatesInfoShop IFC, MIGA, and ICSID PoliciesEugene MeyerWorld Bank and EducationMIGA and PPPsWorld Bank and Risk ManagementSafeguards ReviewWolfowitz, Paul D. World Bank Group and InfrastructureInternational Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes Environmental SafeguardsMIGA and Technical AssistanceProcurement Opportunities Disability High-Income Countries Development Policy Operations Trade and Competitiveness Intelligent Transport Systems Meyer, Eugene World BankJobs World Bank Group and Macroeconomics and Fiscal ManagementGlobal Practices Chief Economist Honda, Keiko MIGA and JobsLearning ProgramsADePT Social Protection and LaborIncreasing Voice and ParticipationWoods, George IFC and Climate ChangeWWorld Bank Products and ServicesAvian Influenza Pensions Robert McNamaraReimbursable Advisory Services Human Resources World Bank Group and Social, Urban, Rural, and ResilienceWorld Bank John J. McCloyJim Yong KimMIGA in East Asia and PacificIDA Y-ZImproving Financial Capacity and SustainabilityLow-Income, Middle-Income, and High-Income EconomiesYouth to Youth Community Accra Agenda for Action Access to Information PoliciesPublications, World Bank Group SAR Gender Barber B. ConableWolfensohn, James D. South AsiaInfrastructure IFC and Health, Nutrition, and PopulationLAC Social, Urban, Rural, and Resilience Syndications MicrofinancePMIGA and PovertyCountry Policy and Institutional AssessmentMacroeconomics and Fiscal Management IFC and Fragility, Conflict, and ViolenceWorld Bank and AgricultureECA iSimulate World Bank GuaranteesMIGA and Fragility, Conflict, and ViolenceMIGA and Health, Nutrition, and PopulationWorld Bank Group and Social Protection and LaborIFC and PPPsCountry Partnership FrameworkWorld Bank and JobsClimate Change Results Measurement Treasury Apps IFC, MIGA, and Social, Urban, Rural, and ResilienceICSID Public-Private Partnerships GenderDoing Business Managing Directors AgricultureSouth-South Investment Safeguards IFC and Environment and Natural ResourcesCorporate Scorecard Impact Evaluation Annual Meetings MCountry Engagement Model International Finance Corporation Eugene R. BlackSocial Development Global Economic Prospects Pandemics Heavily Indebted Poor Countries IFC and GenderWorld Bank and MicrofinanceGlobal Practices Governance Social Media Regional Vice Presidencies Vice Presidential Units IFC Advisory ServicesCommunity-Driven Development Executive Directors World Bank in the Middle East and North AfricaUnited Nations and Its Relationship to the World Bank Group Kim, Jim Yong Membership Water Resources MIGA GuaranteesWorld Bank Group in South AsiaEnabling Services IFC and Trust FundsWorld Bank and Energy and ExtractivesAgriculture World Bank Group and EducationWorld Bank Group and Climate ChangeEquity JobsProducts and Services World Development Indicators Analytic and Advisory Activities Young Professionals Program Donors and BorrowersCivil Society Organizations Social Sustainability World Bank and Technical AssistanceIFC and Transport and ICTGlobal Secondment Program Post-2015 Development Agenda IMF World Bank and Finance and MarketsIFC and InfrastructureFragile and Conflict-Affected Countries and SituationsPartnerships Global Partnership for Education Leadership, Learning, and Innovation Vice Presidency Conable, Barber B. Development Committee An Agenda for ChangeJ-KHIV and AIDS Energy and Extractives Events: Conferences, Forums, and SummitsCredit Enhancement Forests Tokyo International Conference on African Development World Bank Group in AfricaConflict Countries Systematic Country DiagnosticMiddle-Income Countries World Bank Research Observer Operations Policy and Country Services World Bank and Climate ChangeGlobal Development Learning NetworkMIGA in Europe and Central AsiaCai, Jin-Yong Scholarships Internships Trust FundsWorld Bank Economic Review IFC and Results MeasurementACorporate Secretariat Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria Early Childhood Development Open Access World Bank and InfrastructureDevelopment Marketplace World Bank and Social, Urban, Rural, and ResilienceInternal Justice System MIGA and Environment and Natural ResourcesFood Security Water IFC and Oil, Gas, and MiningJames D. WolfensohnEast Asia and PacificPresidents of the World Bank GroupWorld Bank Group and MicrofinanceWorld Bank and PPPsSystematic Country Diagnostic Open Access Global Environment Facility IFC and Finance and MarketsIFC and AgricultureEnvironment and Natural ResourcesWorld Bank and GovernanceNongovernmental Organizations MIGA and Results MeasurementIFC and Technical AssistanceConflict Resolution System World Bank and Conflict CountriesInformation and Technology Solutions IMillennium Development Goals The World Bank in Latin America and the CaribbeanIFC in AfricaMIGA's Products and ServicesReforms MIGA World Bank Advisory ServicesData and KnowledgePromoting Accountability and Good GovernanceClimate ChangeTrade and CompetitivenessWorld Bank's Project CycleWorld Bank Group and Energy and ExtractivesCountry Partnership Strategy Global Monitoring Report PovcalNet WaterOpen Development Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development Alden W. ClausenIFC, MIGA, and SafeguardsWorld Integrated Trade Solution Development Finance Annual Reports Labor Multilateral Investment Guarantee AgencyOpen Data Health, Nutrition, and PopulationWorld Bank eLibrary Environmental and Social StandardsIndependent Evaluation Group Speaker's Bureau Migration Concessional Finance and Global PartnershipsWorld Bank Group in Latin America and the CaribbeanBiodiversity Partnerships for Openness and TransparencyNoncommercial Risks Asset Management and AdvisoryEducationWorld Bank Institute Social SafeguardsWorld Bank in AfricaFinancial Management World Bank Group and TradeWorld Bank and Social Protection and LaborRemittances Hydropower MIGA and AgricultureMultilateral Debt Relief Initiative Low-Income Countries IFC in the Middle East and North AfricaWorld Bank Group and Finance and MarketsFragility, Conflict, and Violence Fragility, Conflict, and Violence Public-Private PartnershipsWorld Bank Group in East Asia and PacificRLewis T. PrestonSmall and Medium Enterprises Boards of Governors World Bank Data Finder World Bank Group Strategy Middle East and North AfricaIFC and Environmental and Social SustainabilityMIGA's Project CycleMIGA in the Middle East and North AfricaStrategyPublic Sector Management MIGAFinance and MarketsWorld Bank Group and GovernanceIFC in Latin America and the CaribbeanFinancing and Risk ManagementExtractive Industries Transparency InitiativeBretton Woods Institutions (1944) Integrity Vice Presidency Ebola Virus World Bank and WaterPartnership ProgramsGlobal Agriculture and Food Security ProgramWorld Bank Group and Environment and Natural ResourcesIFC Connect4Climate Conferences MIGA and Trust FundsZoellick, Robert B. World Bank Group and PovertyPPPs in InfrastructureGlobal and Regional Partnership ProgramsCitizens Engagement Financial Products and Services World Health Organization A "Solutions World Bank Group"Staff Association IFC, MIGA, and Social Protection and LaborSpring Meetings Open Operations and ResultsA Dynamic Framework for Capturing ResultsEnergy and ExtractivesFinancial Reporting MIGA and WaterConsultative Group to Assist the PoorestInvestment Services Private Sector Development Chief Economist Dispute Resolution and Prevention World Bank Group in Europe and Central AsiaImproving Risk ManagementInternational Development Association Policies and Procedures IFC and EducationCountry Assistance Strategy World Bank and Environment and Natural ResourcesPublic-Private Infrastructure Advisory FacilityWorld Bank Group and Fragility, Conflict, and ViolenceGlobal Financial Development Report Delivering Results for ClientsOperational Manual Water Supply and Sanitation Economic and Sector Work MENA GDisclosure Policies Human Rights and DevelopmentEnvironmental and Social SustainabilityAsset Management IFC and JobsGlobal Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery World Bank Group MIGA and Environmental and Social SustainabilityIFC's Products and ServicesMIGA and Oil, Gas, and MiningBGeneral Services Department Information and Communication TechnologiesEducation Open KnowledgeMIGA in Latin America and the CaribbeanMcNamara, Robert Macroeconomics and Fiscal ManagementWorld Bank Group and Health, Nutrition, and PopulationHealth, Nutrition, and Population Research TMIGA in South AsiaOpen Knowledge Repository IFC in South AsiaIFC and PovertyBusan Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation Country Offices World Bank Group and AgricultureCorruption Classification of Countries Country Economic Memorandum Debt Management and Financial AdvisoryWorld Bank and TradeEmployment Opportunities at the World Bank Group F
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