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Affect, Architecture, and Practice: Toward a Disruptive Temporality of Practice

Spinoza, Nietzsche, and Deleuzian-Guattarian historical lineage of affectResearching affect through practices of architectureNotesSpace of affect: abstracting and localising affectTime of affect: towards stuttering temporalities through affect–time vectorArchitecture, time, and practice Intersections between architecture and timeTime of practiceTime of affectTowards a new time of architectural practiceTowards temporal affective oscillationsNotesReiser + Umemoto, RUR Architecture DPC: Kaohsiung Port TerminalTowards a disjunctive sticky image-making process account of affectThe practice, project, and images-in-process NotesKerstin Thompson Architects: Monash University Museum of ArtTowards a disjunctive diagrammatic process account of affectThe practices, projects, and non-human actants-in-processTowards a disjunctive creativity of practice for a theory of affectActant 1: agency of geometric stutters (points, lines, planes)Actant 2: agency of diagrammatic and performative machinic stuttersNotesShigeru Ban Architects: Christchurch Transitional Cardboard CathedralTowards a stuttering matter-in-process account of affectIntersections and affinities between affect and matterCirculation of affect: towards restless affects that stick, slide over, accumulate, and disperseSbigeru Ban ArchitectsAssembling and constructing and the twist on the raked roofSpatio-temporal stutter 1: where the weather has its own way . . .Spatio-Temporal stutter 2: towards affective politics of financeLiving-in and inhabiting and the awkward silencesThe consonant ‘S’ that pop outThe awkward ‘bar of rest’Discussion Of other matters and sticky-objectsNotesAffect scholarship: making a contributionImplications for architectural practiceImplications for affect theoryAhmed and beyondAffect and matterAffinities between matter and affect (through disruptive temporality)The power of minor meta-affects to transform into actionAffect in- and through- the life of architectureNotes

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