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A Leadership Guide to Navigating the Unknown in Education: New Narratives Amid COVID-19

PrefaceAcknowledgmentsFraming Unprecedented DisruptionsA New Journey BeginsSpring 2020Summer 2020Fall 2020The Context of DisruptionThe Influence of Social MediaNew TrajectoriesLeading for TomorrowReferencesTeachers and Leaders Care First for Their StudentsThe Absence of Traditional School StructuresRituals and RoutinesTeaching and Learning is a Human EndeavorDisparities, Equal Access, and Achievement GapsParents Assume Different RolesParents as TeachersParent Support and BalanceMeeting the Unique Needs of ChildrenGaps and ChallengesLegal ResponsibilitiesStudent Services in a Virtual EnvironmentLeading for TomorrowReferencesShort-term Response, Long-term ImplicationsResponding to Students’ Basic NeedsShifting LandscapesTomorrow Became TodayCreating New SystemsSystemsThe New NormalSustainabilityLeadership for SustainabilityEngaging from the InsideLeading for TomorrowReferencesTeaching as We Knew ItTraditional ConventionsUse of AssessmentsUse of Time and the School CalendarTeaching, Learning, and the SchoolhouseInstructional DeliveryThe New Work of TeachingHuman ConnectionsConnecting in a Virtual WorldCultivating Social Capital VirtuallyReestablishing EquilibriumLeading for TomorrowReferencesSupporting Social and Emotional NeedsStudent Growth and Social DevelopmentImportance of Social Skill DevelopmentRole of the SchoolSocial Dynamics of SchoolsSocial and Emotional LearningThe Social and Emotional Impact of COVID-19New Thinking Moving ForwardMoving ForwardLeading for TomorrowReferencesThe Roles of Schools and Their CommunitiesCommunity RelationshipsEmerging Community RolesSchools and Healthy ChildrenSchool Clinics and Health Care PartnershipsMental Health SupportStudent Well-being in a Virtual EnvironmentPathways to Well-beingShifting Context and the Virtual EnvironmentLeading for TomorrowReferencesLeading Through the UnknownPivoting Decisions RapidlyLeveraging ResourcesShifting Traditional SystemsLeading for TomorrowReferencesEducation in America Will ChangeThe Journey ContinuesTeachers, Parents, and Leaders CareFrom System Rigidity to System FlexibilityMoving Forward is a ChoiceUnspoken ResponsibilitiesPower of CommunityA New NormalGateway to a Brighter FutureThe Next Chapter in the JourneyThe Emerging RealityLeading from the InsideMoving Forward in an Unknown SpaceQuestions for Change

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