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A short course of lectures

Credit Assessment and Consulting in Credit-Rating AgenciesAPPLICATION. Evaluating Sarbanes-Oxley and the Global Legal SettlementConflicts of Interest in the Financial IndustryPreviewExplaining the Success of Futures MarketsMoney Market Mutual FundsFinancial Intermediaries in Interest-Rate SwapsCredit OptionsPENSION FUNDSGOVERNMENT FINANCIAL INTERMEDIATIONAPPLICATION. Insurance ManagementThe Globalization of Financial Futures MarketsETHICS AND CONFLICTS OF INTERESTOrganization of Trading in Financial Futures MarketsSarbanes- Oxley Act of 2002Hedging Foreign Exchange Risk with Forward ContractsCredit SwapsThe Competitive Threat from the Banking IndustryFINANCE COMPANIESProperty and Casualty InsuranceLimits on the Amount of InsurancePrevention of FraudLeave It to the Market. APPLICATION. Hedging Foreign Exchange RiskGlobal Legal Settlement of 2002A FRAMEWORK FOR EVALUATING POLICIES TO REMEDY CONFLICTS OF INTERESTWHAT ARE CONFLICTS OF INTEREST AND WWHY ARE THEY IMPORTANT?Cancellation of InsuranceFactors Affecting the Prices of Option PremiumsMUTUAL FUNDSINTEREST-RATE FORWARD CONTRACTSRegulate for Transparency. INSURANCEPublic Pension PlansApproaches to Remedying Conflicts of InterestDeductiblesWHAT HAS BEEN DONE TO REMEDY CONFLICTS OF INTEREST?Hedge FundsAPPLICATION. Are Financial Derivatives a Worldwide Time Bomb?Option ContractsCredit-Linked NotesFederal Credit AgenciesSecurities Brokers and DealersAPPLICATION. Hedging with Interest-Rate Forward ContractsFinancial DerivativesAuditing and Consulting in Accounting FirmsPros and Cons of Forward ContractsRisk-Based PremiumsDisadvantages of Interest-Rate SwapsInvestment BankingRestrictive ProvisionsReviewInterest-Rate Swap ContractsCREDIT DERIVATIVESOPTIONSScreeningSeparation of Functions. Hedging Foreign Exchange Risk with Futures ContractsSECURITIES MARKET OPERATIONSSupervisory Oversight. FINANCIAL FUTURES CONTRACTS AND MARKETSHEDGINGTYPES OF CONFLICTS OF INTERESTAPPLICATION. Hedging with Futures OptionsProfits and Losses on Option and Futures ContractsSWAPSAdvantages of Interest-Rate SwapsReviewWhy Do We Care About Conflicts of Interest?Life InsuranceCoinsuranceCAN THE MARKET LIMIT EXPLOITATION OF CONFLICTS OF INTEREST?Universal BankingAPPLICATION. Hedging with Interest-Rate SwapsNonbank FinanceAPPLICATION. Hedging with Financial FuturesOrganized ExchangesPrivate Pension PlansSocialization of Information Production.
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