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Racism in Psychology: Challenging Theory, Practice and Institutions

I Institutional racismRace, racism and the psy projectPsychology and racismColonizing psychologyAnd …But …AcknowledgementNotesReferencesInvisible anti-semitism in psychologyDefinitions of anti-semitismIs anti-semitism on the increase?Anti-semitism in psychologyInvisibilityConclusionReferencesThe global system of white supremacy within UK clinical psychology: An African psychology perspectiveWhere are we now?How does racism manifest then and now?Workplace experiencesHow does racism in the psychology industry affect White people?Potential solutionsConclusionsNotesReferencesRe-embedding racism in psychology: Indigenising the curriculum in Australian psychologyOverview and history of the Indigenising the Curriculum projectHistory and present-day circumstance of Indigenous people in AustraliaDefining who is IndigenousA brief history of psychology’s racist practices against Indigenous AustraliansThe APS, AIPA and the Australian Indigenous Psychology Education ProjectHow the indigenising project re-embeds a racist agenda into the Australian psychology curriculumHistory and forgettingReconciliation and remembranceInfantilisation and paternalismCan Australian psychology undertake a radical anti-racist stance through Indigenising the Curriculum?References‘Something less terrible than the truth’: Oliver Twist and anti-semitismThose murdering JewsWhat shall we do with Oliver?ReferencesRacism and the rights movementIntroductionHistorical racismModernityWhat you cannot say you cannot abolishAvoiding a recapitulation of oppressionReferencesII Race, theory and practiceRacism and learning disabilitiesTechnologies of measurement and diagnosisBAME people with learning disabilities and health and social inequalitiesRacial discrimination in the learning disability workforceDifference, deficit and diversityDecolonising psychologySuperdiversityInstitutional ambivalenceNoteReferencesJudaism and the psy projectOn being JewishJudaism and psyAnti-semitismLove …NoteReferencesRacism in New Zealand psychology, or, would Western psychology be a good thing?Whiri | StrandsIs New Zealand racist?The point is to change itDecolonising the curriculumDecolonising the professionDecolonising the practitionerKo¯rero whakamutunga – ConclusionReferencesCounselling the ‘other’Background and contextA growing culturally mixed new wave – the new ‘other’My story – autoethnographyLanguageAppearanceNameRites of passageBrexitImplications for counsellingEducation/trainingTherapeutic practiceNotesReferencesI refuse to choose: Culture, trans-culturalism and therapyIntroduction‘Homesickness is not a real disease’Culture: what it is and what it is notDoing culture in therapyCase ­example 1Case ­example 2A conclusionReferencesEcho to authenticity: Exploring identity in an age of privilege and supremacyIntroductionThe problem of difference and identityAn intersectional identityPrivilege and identitySupremacy and shameOur unconscious intersectional identityReferencesEmbracing the kaleidoscope: Talking about race and racism in clinical psychologyRace as a system of powerRacism in the UKRace and mental healthRacism in clinical psychologyRacial inconsistencyPurpose of this chapterSystematic literature reviewAnalysis and synthesisDimensionalityThe racial structure of societyRacial identity and the individualAn examination of racial inconsistencyRacial inconsistency and intersectionalityEmbracing the kaleidoscopeRacial inconsistency as a frameworkReferencesSubject index

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