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Absolute Essentials of Creative Thinking and Problem Solving

Theoretical frameworksWhat is creative thinking?Early theories of creative thinkingThe brain as an information processorThe Whole Brain/Four-Quadrant ModelConvergent and divergent thinkingThe cognitive theory of creativityHow knowledge is stored in memoryHow we get ideasPattern recognitionQuestionsReferencesBlocks to creativityThe need to be ready for changeMindsetWorking with teamsQuestionsReferencesProblem solvingNature of problemsTypes of problemsA common-sense approach to problem solvingThe problem solving processThe context of problem solvingProblem solving skillsQuestionsReferencesThe creative thinking processWallas’s model of the creative processThe creative problem solving processThe techniquesParadigm shift and types of creative problem solving techniquesAnalogical reasoningQuestionsReferencesObjective finding, fact finding, and problem finding – definitionsObjective findingProblem finding – definitionAnalytical techniquesQuestionsReferencesIdea generating – non-analogicalChecklistsAttribute listingMorphological analysisBrainstorming and its variantsLateral thinkingProvocative methods of lateral thinkingQuestionsReferencesIdea generating (analogical)SynecticsSynectics in actionStory writingFree associationAttribute association chainsQuestionsReferencesEvaluationCreative evaluationCulling, rating, and scoring screensAdvantage–disadvantage tablesPMI: plus/minus/interestingCastle techniqueForce-field analysisQualitative evaluationChoosing an evaluation methodQuestionsReferencesImplementing ideasIdeas are not readily implementedSources of resistance to changeRole of communication in overcoming resistance to changePutting ideas into practicePost-implementationQuestionsReferencesDigital creativityHistory of developmentThe World Wide WebCrowdsourcingBlogs and everyday activitiesVisual analogyDatabasesArtificial IntelligenceArtificial Intelligence and Big DataQuestionsReferences

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