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A short course of lectures
«Affective Teaching in Nursing»

EpilogueSEL FOR HIGHER EDUCATIONConducting a Current Literature Review on Affective Teaching: What Does This Mean for Nursing?Creating Inner Tension Creates Self-AwarenessTHE PROBLEMGermanyRELATIONAL EDUCATIONPOWERPOINT EXPERIENCESII Affective Concepts, Strategies, and MethodsE-LEARNING AND AFFECTIVE PEDAGOGYAFFECTIVE EDUCATION IN EUROPELearning Environment TheoriesOther Aesthetic MethodsWays of KnowingCHEATING WITH TECHNOLOGYRussiaBUILDING AN AFFECTIVE CLASSROOM ASSESSMENT TOOLAcademic TheoriesThe Emotional and Social Intelligence MovementEmpathy ClusterEnglandCONCEPTS OF REALITYSCIENCE OF THE SUBJECTIVEMeasuring Affective TeachingAffective Education or Therapy?COMMUNITIES OF PRACTICEMuddy WaterMotivation ClusterLiterature and PoetryDEEPENING THE JOURNEYWhat Is Affective Pedagogy: What Is the Risk for Faculty?PhilippinesTHE IMPACT OF QUANTUM MECHANICSA NEW RESEARCH PARADIGMSelf-Awareness ClusterMusicHumanistic TheoriesReviewing Traditional Teaching MethodsUniversal Care ParadigmCLASSROOM CULTURE PROMOTED BY CARE PEDAGOGYCHALLENGES OF DEFINING AFFECTIVE TEACHINGStudents' PerspectivesTaking the Arts to HeartForewordHISTORICAL TRADITIONAL TEACHINGSelf-Regulation ClusterInstructors' PerspectivesPrefaceCONTEMPORARY EDUCATION THEORIES AND AFFECTIVE PEDAGOGYMULTIMEDIA AND HYPERMEDIA SYSTEMSTEACHER SELF-REFLECTIONCoherent SuperpositioningIII Integrating Affective Teaching in Nursing: The Big Picture in Nursing EducationFocus QuestionsACADEMIC NURSING COMPETENCIES FOR FACULTYFOUNDATIONS FOR AFFECTIVE PEDAGOGYMalaysiaWhy this? Why now?TECHNOLOGY IN CLASSROOMSSocial–Emotional LearningHigher Education in ChinaRelational Teaching for NursingPROXEMICS IS YOUR FRIENDHISTORICAL DEVELOPMENT OF SOCIAL– EMOTIONAL LEARNINGRISK FOR AFFECTIVE TEACHERSTHE RED PILL OR THE BLUE PILLIndonesiaPRESENTATION ETIQUETTEInterpretive InquirySocial TheoriesNepalHumanistic (Rogerian) TherapyI The Problem in Nursing EducationBLOOM'S TAXONOMY AND EARLY AFFECTIVE PEDAGOGY IN NURSINGPOSSIBILITIESInternational Social–Emotional Learning and the Affective Education MovementWebsitesAFFECTIVE TEACHING PRACTICESSpainImpact on Affective Teaching in Nursing From e-Learning ResearchContemporary Educational TheoriesImmediacy and Care PracticesPresence in CaringGAMING IN NURSING EDUCATIONOrganizationSocial Skills ClusterVisual ArtAFFECTIVE EDUCATION IN ASIA AND THE PACIFIC REGIONSMoving From Presentation Slides to Affective Teaching at ConferencesBuilding an Infrastructure for Affective-Literate TeachersREFLECTIVE PROCESSESA NEW RESEARCH PARADIGMChinaUsing Affective Pedagogy in Distance LearningGestalt PsychologyResearcher's PerspectivesAdjusting Philosophies to Support Affective Teaching in Nursing EducationPsychodramaFOUR STAGES OF POWERPOINT USAGETRADITIONS IN NURSING EDUCATIONHOLISTIC CURRICULUM MODELSA NEW PROFESSIONALChallenges in Using Bloom's TaxonomyFilmProxemics and Five Instructional PedagogiesIrelandAffective Teaching and EI Impact on NursingETHICS AND MORAL DEVELOPMENTNursing Care TheoryAcknowledgmentsWays of KnowingCLASSROOM CULTURE SUPPORTED BY TEACHER IMMEDIACYCURRENT RESEARCH USING AFFECTIVE METHODSAFFECTIVE PRESENTATION METHODSPlanting the Objectivist Movement in Nursing EducationThailandTaking the Red Pill and Breaking the Illusions
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