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A short course of lectures
«Affective Teaching in Nursing»

Why this? Why now?II Affective Concepts, Strategies, and MethodsBUILDING AN AFFECTIVE CLASSROOM ASSESSMENT TOOLETHICS AND MORAL DEVELOPMENTNepalSCIENCE OF THE SUBJECTIVERISK FOR AFFECTIVE TEACHERSAFFECTIVE EDUCATION IN EUROPEI The Problem in Nursing EducationAffective Education or Therapy?Proxemics and Five Instructional PedagogiesPlanting the Objectivist Movement in Nursing EducationAFFECTIVE EDUCATION IN ASIA AND THE PACIFIC REGIONSHumanistic (Rogerian) TherapyGestalt PsychologyA NEW RESEARCH PARADIGMLiterature and PoetryCoherent SuperpositioningStudents' PerspectivesOrganizationThailandRussiaRELATIONAL EDUCATIONPsychodramaResearcher's PerspectivesCURRENT RESEARCH USING AFFECTIVE METHODSWays of KnowingEnglandAcknowledgmentsMotivation ClusterForewordSelf-Awareness ClusterMuddy WaterUniversal Care ParadigmAffective Teaching and EI Impact on NursingCLASSROOM CULTURE SUPPORTED BY TEACHER IMMEDIACYPRESENTATION ETIQUETTETHE IMPACT OF QUANTUM MECHANICSFOUNDATIONS FOR AFFECTIVE PEDAGOGYSocial TheoriesE-LEARNING AND AFFECTIVE PEDAGOGYTEACHER SELF-REFLECTIONGermanyRelational Teaching for NursingFilmIII Integrating Affective Teaching in Nursing: The Big Picture in Nursing EducationPresence in CaringReviewing Traditional Teaching MethodsHOLISTIC CURRICULUM MODELSDEEPENING THE JOURNEYMeasuring Affective TeachingA NEW PROFESSIONALCHEATING WITH TECHNOLOGYThe Emotional and Social Intelligence MovementCLASSROOM CULTURE PROMOTED BY CARE PEDAGOGYConducting a Current Literature Review on Affective Teaching: What Does This Mean for Nursing?Empathy ClusterPOWERPOINT EXPERIENCESSEL FOR HIGHER EDUCATIONImmediacy and Care PracticesWhat Is Affective Pedagogy: What Is the Risk for Faculty?Using Affective Pedagogy in Distance LearningContemporary Educational TheoriesTaking the Red Pill and Breaking the IllusionsNursing Care TheoryTHE RED PILL OR THE BLUE PILLSocial–Emotional LearningChallenges in Using Bloom's TaxonomyCOMMUNITIES OF PRACTICECONCEPTS OF REALITYHISTORICAL TRADITIONAL TEACHINGCreating Inner Tension Creates Self-AwarenessAcademic TheoriesWays of KnowingMoving From Presentation Slides to Affective Teaching at ConferencesMusicBuilding an Infrastructure for Affective-Literate TeachersVisual ArtACADEMIC NURSING COMPETENCIES FOR FACULTYEpilogueGAMING IN NURSING EDUCATIONSelf-Regulation ClusterLearning Environment TheoriesAFFECTIVE PRESENTATION METHODSA NEW RESEARCH PARADIGMMULTIMEDIA AND HYPERMEDIA SYSTEMSHISTORICAL DEVELOPMENT OF SOCIAL– EMOTIONAL LEARNINGChinaInstructors' PerspectivesTRADITIONS IN NURSING EDUCATIONPrefaceTECHNOLOGY IN CLASSROOMSInternational Social–Emotional Learning and the Affective Education MovementMalaysiaWebsitesAdjusting Philosophies to Support Affective Teaching in Nursing EducationCHALLENGES OF DEFINING AFFECTIVE TEACHINGPhilippinesHigher Education in ChinaHumanistic TheoriesREFLECTIVE PROCESSESCONTEMPORARY EDUCATION THEORIES AND AFFECTIVE PEDAGOGYPROXEMICS IS YOUR FRIENDFocus QuestionsFOUR STAGES OF POWERPOINT USAGESpainPOSSIBILITIESIndonesiaImpact on Affective Teaching in Nursing From e-Learning ResearchOther Aesthetic MethodsInterpretive InquiryIrelandAFFECTIVE TEACHING PRACTICESTaking the Arts to HeartTHE PROBLEMSocial Skills ClusterBLOOM'S TAXONOMY AND EARLY AFFECTIVE PEDAGOGY IN NURSING
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