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Change and Execute: How to Transform and Design Your Business for Sustained Success

Section I Change and ExecuteThe World Has ChangedIf You Do Not Change, You Will DieA Blockbuster FailureFour Core QuestionsWhat Do You Do?What Could Make You Obsolete or Replaceable?What Change Can You Make to Eliminate This Risk?What Specific Actions Can You Take to Execute This Change?Bringing It All TogetherNotesYou Need to ChangeDiffusion of InnovationsInnovatorsHow Innovators View ChangeEarly AdoptersHow Early Adopters View ChangeEarly MajorityHow the Early Majority Views ChangeLate MajorityHow the Late Majority Views ChangeLaggardsHow the Laggards View ChangeFour Types of Companies That Fight ChangePeople Who Don’t Get It Don’t Get That They Don’t Get ItBringing It All TogetherNotesFor Those Who Want to WinFor Those Who Still Do Not BelieveFor Those Who Lost a Grip on RealityFor Those Who Have Analysis ParalysisFor Those Who Weren’t Given a ChoiceFor Those Who Are Still Fighting ChangeFor Those Who Fail to ActBringing It All TogetherNoteSection II Digging DeeperV-A-L-U-ESelf-Awareness, Authenticity, and RealityWe’re Not Selling T-Shirts Here, Motherf**kerThe ROI of Your ActionsMake It Easy, Not SexyMaximize the Value to the Consumer at the Lowest Cost to YouBringing It All TogetherNotesA Global PerspectiveHow Has the Global Economy Changed Your Industry?What Is Your Competitive Advantage Today?What Are You Wasting Money On?Why Are You Trying to Outthink the Room?Where Do We Go from Here?Bringing It All TogetherChange, Execute, and the Golden State WarriorsTransform Your GameStop Denying the TruthLet Go of the PastTrust in Your DataTake Your ShotAdapt, Evolve, and ImproveBringing It All TogetherNotesSection III Inside Your OrganizationLeadersLeverage Cross-functional Collaboration to Solve Dynamic ProblemsBe Comfortable Sharing Decision-making ResponsibilitiesBe Open to Communication ChangesDemonstrate Integrity and Maintain Emotional DisciplineBe Serial Masters Continually Developing Expertise across DomainsImplement Agile Execution Based on Rapid IterationEmbrace Technology and Use InnovationBringing It All TogetherEmployeesBecome a Specialist by Developing Highly Coveted SkillsNever Stop LearningBe Flexible: Careers Are Not LinearBuild Your Living ResumeSurround Yourself with GreatnessBe Easy to Work WithIncrease Your Technological ProwessBringing It All TogetherNotesPolicies, Processes, Procedures, and PerformanceStop Being Process-Focused, Start Being Solutions-DrivenStop Glorifying Busyness, Start Celebrating ResultsStop Making Work Difficult, Start Delivering ValueStop Resisting Progress, Start Updating and AutomatingStop Celebrating Mediocrity, Start Elevating PerformanceStop Being Unpredictable, Start Delivering ConsistencyStop Accepting Complacency, Start Being ProactiveBringing It All TogetherNotesSection IV What’s Next?The UnimaginableThe Unimaginable Made Your Competitive Advantage ObsoleteThe Unimaginable Changed the GameThe Unimaginable Is EverywhereThe Unimaginable HappenedThe Unimaginable Requires You to Take ActionBringing It All TogetherNotesLevel UpStart Believing the TruthStop Trying to Be Right, Worry about Getting It Right!Start Auditing Your SurroundingsStop Being Comfort-CenteredStart Truly CommittingBringing It All TogetherNotesTen Changes That Will Transform the Business World over the Next 10 YearsAutomation and Artificial IntelligenceData AnalyticsThe Internet of ThingsApps and Mobile DevicesMoney ManagementExpanded Home DeliveryThe Death of Television AdvertisingThe Gig EconomyReskilling the WorkforceFunctionality over FormalityBringing It All TogetherNotesAppendix: Companies and Industries That Failed to Change

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