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Closing the Assessment

Once the team reaches a consensus for the types of projects needed to improve productivity and customer satisfaction, the report is finalized to provide local site leadership with the assessment findings, recommendations, and the final plan. These include the project charters and specific processes where productivity improvements can be achieved reasonably given resource constraints. These findings and recommendations are summarized for a review with site management.

The report provides the plan for increasing the site’s productivity over the current plan. Findings include the recommended project charters with initial sponsors, team lead and team members, time-phased benefits, required resources, and other relevant information. It is important that recommended project charters are not ideas or abstractions but are well- defined and financially justified project charters with required resources and anticipated barriers to implementation. The SWOT analysis is used to aggregate key interview themes to show local leadership the key issues employees believe are impacting performance and how the recommendations will focus on these as well as other identified gaps. Quantitative analyses of financial and operational metrics and value flow analyses of major processes are also integral components of the report.

Once the report is agreed to by the team and verified with the process leads, an exit meeting is scheduled with the site leadership team to close the engagement. The findings include projected productivity levels, return on investment, and other relevant information necessary to deploy an initiative at the site level. The agenda include an executive summary, the purpose and deliverables of the assessment, key interview themes around financial and operational goals, the updated SWOT analysis, the project portfolio, and the deployment plan. Also discussed will be the analyses of the major processes from the value flow mapping with analyses. The site leadership team’s recommendations are used to update the final site assessment report that will be integrated with other site locations.

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