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A China Business Primer: Ethics, Culture, and Relationships

Tea with the dragon: traditional Chinese ethics and contemporary Chinese businessBeware of green hats: what you don’t know about traditional Chinese culture can sink your prospectsBeyond the good manners your mom taught youThe “China Century” revisited: a brief survey of recent Chinese history and its opening to the WestThe shadow of Tiananmen: economic reform and human rightsCOVID-19: China and the West reset their relationshipThe durability of traditional Chinese culture in contemporary China: or, why foreign business executives should take page from Xi Jinping’s playbookReferencesAn Ethical Triad for understanding traditional Chinese culture: Context-First, Interconnectedness, and Awareness—and how they can be used to protect intellectual propertyContext-First vs. Rules-First: fundamental differences in Chinese vs. Western ethical thinkingInterconnectedness: hurried executives vs. enduring partnershipsEthical AwarenessThe legal and moral status of intellectual property rights in ChinaApplying the Ethical Triad to protect IP and other commercial rightsConclusion: from Ethical Awareness to ethical actionReferencesCultivating Ethical Agility: face and assuring safety and quality in the supply chainEthical Agility: from understanding to actionMianzi and Han: moving beyond overly-simplified notions of face in Chinese ethics to achieve insider statusFace and Facebook: Mark Zuckerberg misplays the name gameSafety and efficacy failures in a pharmaceutical supply chain: the heparin tragedy of 2008Getting to “we”: agility and the role of face in preventing supply chain problems from boiling over into supply chain disastersConclusion: face and guanxiReferencesCultivating Ethical Agility and employing guānxi to protect human rightsFrom face to guanxi: creating and sustaining cultural fluency and insider statusBusiness responsibility for human rights in ChinaApple and the Foxconn suicides: employing guanxi to protect human rights in the supply chainThe NBA guanxi deficit: on defense rather than defending human rightsFinal thoughts: moving from basic to intermediate cultural fluencyReferencesBeyond face and guānxi: foundational normative concepts and values of traditional Chinese ethicsFive normative concepts guiding the Chinese ecosystem of relationshipsGender and LGBTQ+ rights, and Confucian ethicsBeyond relationships—three grounding values of Chinese ethicsParting paradoxes: ethical continuity and change in contemporary ChinaReferences

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