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A History of Book Publishing in Contemporary Latin America

ArgentinaThe Book and Publishing in Argentina: Books for Everyone and the Hispanic American ModelStudies on the Book and Publishing: A Recently Autonomized International SpaceStudies on the Book and Publishing in ArgentinaSome Features of Publishing in Argentina in the 19th Century“The Book Available to Everyone”: Towards a National Book MarketSpanish Republicans and the Evolution of a Hispanic American Publishing MarketConclusionsNotesBibliographyTranslating the Nation: Gregorio Weinberg and the Rationalism of Argentinean PastInternational Foundations of National CulturesThe Librairie Hachette and the Argentine Past: Foreign Appropriation of a National Intellectual ProjectHISTORY AND HISTORIOGRAPHIES OF “NATIONAL BOOK” SERIESFRIENDS: GREAT BRITAIN AND ARGENTINADIMENSION AMERICANA (AMERICAN DIMENSION)ConclusionsNotesBibliographyMexicoLatin America as a Civilizing Meridian: Fondo de Cultura Económica and the Tierra Firme SeriesLATIN AMERICA AS AN IMAGINED COMMUNITYCandido’s MemoirsContext and CharactersSouthern AlliancesNegotiating and Understanding One Another: Publishing as a Form of RulingAn Encyclopaedia of our cultureTranslating Brazil?NotesBibliographyPublishing and Politics: Cold War in Latin American Culture in the SixtiesBrazilGenesis of the National Publishing Market: A Miracle?The Publishing Boom of the Second Half of the 1930sRegional Publishing Markets.The National Book InstituteTHE ELEMENTARY BOOKS OF A PUBLIC LIBRARYThe ABL (Brazilian Yearbook of Literature): An Instrument to Imagine the National Book MarketBrazil and AbroadFrom the Yearbooks to the Biennials: The Publisher’s StatementNotesBibliographyThe House and the Enterprise: José Olympio and the Evolution of Publishing in BrazilTransnational PerspectivesThe World as a Fair: Publishing In(ter)dependencies at the Frankfurt FairCHANGES IN THE PATTERNS OF DEPENDENCE BETWEEN GLOBAL AND NATIONAL AGENTSBeing There: The Frankfurt Fair, A Diverse PlaceConclusion: Being HereNotesBibliographyThe Translation of Social and Human Sciences Books between France and Argentina as an Unequal ExchangeBooks of French Authors in the Argentine Publishing MarketBooks by Argentine Authors in the French Publishing MarketMIGRATIONS, JEWS AND EXILESSome Features of MediationConclusionsNotesBibliography

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