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Analysis of Socio-Economic Conditions: Insights from a Fuzzy Multi-dimensional Approach

A Book in Honour of Professor Vijay VermaEvolution of the Fuzzy-Set Approach to Multi-Dimensional Poverty MeasurementUsing Rippin’s Approach to Estimate Multi-Dimensional Poverty in Central AmericaCan a Neighbouring Region Influence Poverty? A Fuzzy and Longitudinal ApproachMulti-Dimensional and Fuzzy Poverty at the Regional Level in IranChina’s Multi-Dimensional Poverty and TradeJRR Variance Estimates for Longitudinal Fuzzy Measures of Multi-Dimensional PovertyOverview of the Quality of Life in EuropeA Fuzzy Approach to Financial Literacy MeasurementMulti-Dimensional Material Deprivation in the Visegrád Group: Zero-Inflated Beta Regression ModellingMeasuring Educational Poverty in Italy: A Multi-Dimensional and Fuzzy ApproachFuzzy and Multi-Dimensional Measures of the Degree of Social Exclusion Risk: Evidence of Social Exclusion of the Population Aged 50+ in PolandSocio-economic Health Inequality Indices: A Fuzzy Approach Applied to European CountriesThe Fuzzy Perspective on Violence against Women: Challenges and AdvancementsSystem Safety Analysis of Industrial Processes Using Fuzzy MethodologyA Fuzzy Approach to the Measurement of Employment and UnemploymentThe Relationship Between Employment and Poverty Using Fuzzy RegressionGeo-Marketing, a New Approach Using Fuzzy ClusteringSatisfaction in Higher Education: A Multi-Dimensional and Fuzzy ApproachA Multi-dimensional Clustering on Fuzzy Metrics to Classify CPG Pricing and Price Promotion Strategies: The Case of Pasta in Italy

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