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Answers for Ethical Marketers: A Guide to Good Practice in Business Communication

Introduction: The Journey to Ethics A Personal Choice & Professional PracticeI Learning the Essentials & the Overarching Ethical LessonsQI How much are ethics personal vs. professional when you are communicating on behalf of a business?Q2 What happens if my ethics do not match my company’s?Q3 Does Emotional Intelligence (El) affect ethical behavior?Q4 What do you do when you are asked to flat-out lie?Q5 What do you do if you’re asked to shift the blame for wrongdoing to someone else?Q6 What do I do if I know a decision is unethical and speaking up means I’ll lose my job?Q7 Is there a way to challenge unethical communication before it is shared?Q8 What is the best way to spread ethical decision-making among your peers?Q9 Who is responsible for unethical communication, the person sharing the information or the source of origination?Q10 What are some additional resources to guide a personal and professional ethics journey?Q11 Why do some companies have “problem areas” in marketing that lead to unethical communication?Q12 Is PR the most poised to handle and respond the ethical issues?Q13 What is the best ethics advice you have ever received?The Marketing Experts “Weigh In” on Ethical GuidanceNotesApplying Ethics Through All Your Media ChannelsQI4 What are the big changes you have experienced with ethics in digital advertising?QIS When is an advertorial unethical?QI6 What are false claims in marketing? Are they unethical or illegal?QI7 Do you have to be transparent in your digital advertising?QI8 How can you avoid ethical issues with bloggers in your digital marketing?QI9 Does GDPR affect ethics in your marketing programs and the content you share?Q20 Who in your company is responsible for ethics in digital marketing?Q21 Do digital marketers have to be concerned about privacy issues?Q22 What is the best way to keep consumers informed about data privacy and security?Q23 Are there digital marketing practices that can get you banned from the search engines?Q24 If you purchase a mailing list, then is it unethical if the people on the list have not “opted in” to receive information?Q25 Are bloggers held to the same ethical standards as journalists?Q26 Is there a code of ethics for social media participation?Q27 How can you spot a bot on social media to avoid sharing misinformation?Q28 Who in your company is responsible for ethics in social media?Q29 Is buying followers on social media an unethical practice?Q30 What should you do if you make an unethical misstep on social media?Q31 Is it ethical to hide or delete posts on social media, if you know that the information may be damaging to your brand?Q32 What should you do if you are being trolled by someone who is acting unethically?Q33 Do you have to engage with everyone on social media, especially if you’re not in alignment with their values?Q34 How do you report unethical behavior on social media?Q35 What is “fake news” and how does it challenge your ethics?Q36 How do you communicate ethically if you accidentally share or breach confidential information?Q37 If you are measuring PR program results based on older PR measurement values, is this considered unethical?The Marketing Experts “Weigh In” on Ethical GuidanceNotesUsing Your Ethics in Cause MarketingQ38 How would you define cause marketing and why do we trust certain brands?Q39 What are some problem areas to avoid in cause marketing?Q40 What happens if you make a mistake in your cause marketing program that is not illegal, but you think it is unethical?Q4I What are some good resources to learn more about ethics in cause marketing?Q42 What happens if you are working with an organization (a good cause), and their communication lacks good judgment?Q43 How do you create change in cause marketing to prevent ethical missteps?Q44 If you are ramping up for a cause marketing program, are there ways to educate your team quickly on ethics in communication?Q45 Do you have an example of a cause marketing campaign that seemed like a good idea at the time and then faced public backlash?Q46 If there are ethical challenges that come with cause marketing, then why should you bother building out these types of programs?Q47 As an Ethical Marketer, how do you know the best cause to support?Q48 What is a really good example of a brand that gives, and also takes an ethical approach?The Marketing Experts “Weigh In” on Ethical GuidanceNotesTaking Ethics to Media Interviews and AppearancesQ49 What happens if you are asked to inflate numbers for your media interviews?Q50 What happens if you exaggerate a situation, stretch the truth or even flat out lie in a media interview?Q51 If you make a mistake in an interview, is there a way to clear up the record or update your statement?Q52 In a crisis, are self-serving messages considered unethical? Or is it considered poor judgment?Q53 If your band makes a mistake and you upset your customers, can you make it right through the media?Q54 What happens if your company wants you to blame everyone (including the media) for your organization’s or your leaders’ missteps? Should you?Q55 What is the difference between misinformation and disinformation, and does it matter?Q56 What happens if you do not know the answer to a media interview question?Q57 Can you trust the media to withhold your identity when you share information on background or “off the record?”The Marketing Experts “Weigh In” on Ethical GuidanceNotesFiltering Ethics Through Your OrganizationQ59 Where does ethics begin in a company, with its leaders or with the communications department?Q60 Why does unethical communication matter to people who are not in the communications department?Q61 What is the best way to find out about ethics for an organization?Q62 What are some of the common problems in organizations where ethical issues can occur?Q63 Is it ever right to share information externally that is frowned upon by your organization?Q64 Who in the company can help you to make better ethical decisions?Q65 What is the intersection between ethics in PR, marketing, sales, and customer service?Q66 What can you do to prevent poor judgment in communications?Q67 What should you do if your colleague or higher-up is communicating and exercising poor judgment?Q68 Should companies require ethical testing for all employees or just employees who handle communication?Q69 How do you build ethical champions in your company?The Marketing Experts “Weigh In” on Ethical GuidanceNotesLearning Ethics from a MentorQ70 How can learning ethics by example occur?Q7I What are the ethics of a responsible mentorship?Q72 Is there a recent question a mentee has asked you about ethics and a challenging communications situation?Q73 What is the best piece of ethics advice from a mentor?Q74 What can you share about your experience with ethical mentoring?Q75 What are the kinds of questions you can ask a mentor (in confidence) about ethics or an ethical challenge you are facing?Q76 Can you ask your mentor to help you clean up an unethical situation and to help spread accurate information for you?The Marketing Experts “Weigh In” on Ethical GuidanceNotesBeing a Leader Means Being an Ethical Role ModelQ77 How much does the human and the transparency in communication help leaders to build trust?Q79 When you’re a leader, what does it mean to be an ethical role model?Q80 Are the ethical standards for the leaders at a higher level?Q8I Is there ever a time that leaders should step down in protest of an ethical challenge?Q82 Should leaders take ethics courses above and beyond what their HR departments require for employee training, based on their stature in a company?Q83 What are some of the current pressing topics for leaders who want to be trained in ethical communication?Q84 How does the company rebound after unethical leadership?The Marketing Experts “Weigh In” on Ethical GuidanceNotesEmbracing the Ethical LessonsNotes

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