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Individuals as Producers of Their Own Development: The Dynamics of Person. Context Coactions

II Empirical BeginningsThe Development of Body-Build Stereotypes in MalesEffects of Age, Sex, and Physical Attractiveness on Child–Peer Relations, Academic Performance, and Elementary School AdjustmentIII The Evolution of Dynamic, Relational Developmental Systems-Based ModelsNature, Nurture, and Dynamic InteractionismChildren and Adolescents as Producers of Their Own DevelopmentChanging Organism–Context Relations as the Basic Process of Development: A Developmental Contextual PerspectiveRelative Plasticity, Integration, Temporality, and Diversity in Human Development: A Developmental Contextual Perspective About Theory, Process, and MethodDevelopmental Science in 2025: A Predictive ReviewToward Enhancing the Role of Idiographic-Based Analyses in Describing, Explaining, and Optimizing the Study of Human Development: The Sample Case of Adolescent ⇔ Family RelationshipsIV Theory-Predicated Applications of Developmental Science and the Positive Youth Development PerspectiveToward a Science for and of the People: Promoting Civil Society Through the Application of Developmental ScienceApplying Developmental Science in the 21st Century: International Scholarship for Our TimesUsing Positive Youth Development to Predict Contribution and Risk Behaviors in Early Adolescence: Findings From the First Two Waves of the 4-H Study of Positive Youth DevelopmentThe End of the Beginning: Evidence and Absences Studying Positive Youth Development in a Global ContextCharacter Development Among Youth: Linking Lives in Time and PlaceV Exposing the Counterfactual Nature of Genetic ReductionismSociobiology and Human Development: Arguments and EvidenceEliminating Genetic Reductionism From Developmental ScienceComplexity Embraced and Complexity Reduced: A Tale of Two Approaches to Human Development: Commentary on Witherington and LickliterReduction to Absurdity: Why Epigenetics Invalidates All Models Involving Genetic ReductionVI Developmental Theory and the Promotion of Social JusticeExemplifying the Integrations of the Relational Developmental System: Synthesizing Theory, Research, and Application to Promote Positive Development and Social JusticePromoting Social Justice by Rejecting Genetic Reductionism: A Challenge for Developmental SciencePromoting Positive Development, Health, and Social Justice Through Dismantling Genetic Determinism

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