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Cloud Data Center Network Architectures and Technologies

CLOUD COMPUTINGVIRTUALIZATION TECHNOLOGIES INTRODUCED BY CLOUD COMPUTINGSDN FOR CLOUD COMPUTINGDCN PROSPECTSDCN ChallengesArchitecture and Technology Evolution of DCNsDCN TECHNOLOGY OVERVIEWPhysical Architecture of DCNsTraditional Three-Layer Network ArchitectureSpine-Leaf ArchitectureTechnology Evolution of DCNsxSTP TechnologiesVirtual Chassis TechnologiesL2MP TechnologiesMulti-Chassis Link Aggregation TechnologiesNVO3 TechnologiesARCHITECTURE AND SOLUTION EVOLUTION OF DCNs FOR FINANCIAL SERVICES COMPANIESArchitecture of Financial Services Companies’ NetworksFinancial Service Development Requirements and DCN EvolutionTarget Architecture and Design Principles of Financial Cloud DCsARCHITECTURE AND SOLUTION EVOLUTION OF DCNs FOR CARRIERSArchitecture of Carriers’ NetworksCarrier Service Development Requirements and DCN EvolutionTarget Architecture and Design Principles of Carrier Cloud DCsFunctional Components and Service Models of Cloud DCNsSERVICE MODELS OF CLOUD DCNsTypical OpenStack Service ModelFusionSphere Service ModeliMaster NCE-Fabric Service ModelINTERACTION BETWEEN COMPONENTS IN THE CLOUD DCN SOLUTIONCloud DCN Solution ArchitectureInteraction between Components during Service ProvisioningNetwork Service ProvisioningCompute Service ProvisioningINTERACTION TECHNOLOGIES BETWEEN CLOUD DCN COMPONENTSOpenFlowIntroduction to OpenFlowComponents of an OpenFlow SwitchWorking Modes of an OpenFlow SwitchOpenFlow TableInformation Exchange on an OpenFlow ChannelNETCONFIntroduction to NETCONFNETCONF Network ArchitectureNETCONF FrameworkNETCONF CapabilitiesNETCONF Configuration DatastoreXML EncodingRPC ModeOVSDBYANGFunction DescriptionYANG DevelopmentConstructing a Physical Network (Underlay Network) on a DCNPHYSICAL NETWORK AND NETWORK INFRASTRUCTUREPHYSICAL NETWORK DESIGN ON A DCNRouting Protocol SelectionServer Access Mode SelectionDesign and Principles of Border and Service Leaf NodesEgress Network DesignConstructing a Logical Network (Overlay Network) in a DCOVERLAY NETWORKVXLAN BASICS AND CONCEPTSVXLAN OVERLAY NETWORKVXLAN Overlay Network TypesComparison of VXLAN Overlay Network TypesVXLAN CONTROL PLANEVXLAN DATA PLANEMAPPING BETWEEN SERVICE MODELS AND NETWORKSConstructing a Multi-DC NetworkMULTI-DC SERVICE REQUIREMENTS AND SCENARIOSMulti-DC SDN Network RequirementsArchitecture and Classification of the Multi-DC SolutionMULTI-SITE SOLUTION DESIGNApplication Scenario of the Multi-Site Solution Deployment of a Large VPCVPC CommunicationMulti-Site Solution DesignService Deployment Process in the Multi-Site ScenarioVMM Interconnection DesignDeployment Solution DesignForwarding Plane Solution DesignExternal Network Multi-Active ModelRecommended Deployment SolutionsVPC Service Model by Security LevelMulti-Tenant VPC Model AnalysisMULTI-POD SOLUTION DESIGNApplication Scenario of the Multi-PoD SolutionCross-DC Cluster DeploymentCross-DC VM MigrationNetwork-Level Active/Standby DRMulti-PoD Solution Des ignArchitecture of the Multi-PoD SolutionNetwork-Level DRSecurity Policy Synchronization DesignForwarding PlaneRecommended Deployment SolutionsBuilding E2E Security for Cloud DCNsCLOUD DCN SECURITY CHALLENGESCLOUD DCN SECURITY ARCHITECTUREOverall Security ArchitectureArchitecture of Security ComponentsBENEFITS OF THE CLOUD DCN SECURITY SOLUTIONCLOUD DCN SECURITY SOLUTIONVirtualization SecurityNetwork SecurityNetwork Security OverviewMicrosegmentationSFCSecurity ServicesAdvanced Threat Detection and DefenseBorder SecuritySecurity ManagementBest Practices of Cloud DCN DeploymentDEPLOYMENT PLANOverall PlanCommon User RequirementsNetwork Zone DesignPhysical Architecture DesignSDN DesignRecommended Service Network PlanBasic Principles for Designing a Physical NetworkRecommended Service Network ArchitectureRouting PlanEgress Network PlanFirewall Deployment PlanLB Deployment PlanServer Access Deployment PlanManagement Network Plan (Recommended)Management Network Deployment PlanSDN Controller Deployment Plan (Recommended)Deployment ProcessOverviewBasic Network Pre-ConfigurationsNetworkingDeployment Parameter PlanKey Configuration StepsInstalling the ControllerCommissioning InterconnectionsProvisioning ServicesService Provisioning ProcessService Provisioning ExampleOpenness of DCNDCN ECOSYSTEMOPENNESS OF THE CONTROLLERNorthbound Openness of the ControllerSouthbound Openness of the ControllerOPENNESS OF THE FORWARDERNorthbound Openness of the ForwarderOpenness of Forwarder InterconnectionCutting-Edge TechnologiesCONTAINEROverviewHuawei SDN Container Network SolutionsHYBRID CLOUDOverviewIndustry's Mainstream Hybrid Cloud Network SolutionsHuawei Hybrid Cloud SDN SolutionAI FABRICCurrent State of AI DCNsNew DCN Requirements Brought by AI TechnologyAI Fabric Technical DirectionsComponents of the Cloud DCN SolutionPHYSICAL CLOUDENGINE SWITCHESOverviewTechnical HighlightsEvolution from 25GE, 100GE, to 400GETelemetry TechnologyIPv6 VXLANCLOUDENGINE VIRTUAL SWITCHESOverviewArchitectureFunctionsHISECENGINE SERIES FIREWALLSOverviewApplication ScenariosDC Border ProtectionBroadcasting and Television Network and Tier-2 Carrier NetworkBorder Protection for Medium and Large EnterprisesVPN Branch Access and Mobile OfficeCloud Computing GatewayAdvanced Content Security DefenseAccurate Access ControlPowerful Intrusion PreventionRefined Traffic ManagementPerfect Load BalancingIMASTER NCE-FABRICOverviewArchitectureFunctionsSECOMANAGEROverviewArchitectureLogical LayersPeripheral SystemsSystem ArchitectureFunctionsHigh SecurityDevice DiscoveryPolicy ManagementOpen InterfacesACRONYMS AND ABBREVIATIONS

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