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Career Paths in Human-Animal Interaction for Social and Behavioral Scientists

From Biopsychology to Human Behavioural Work to HAI Research: One Academician’s PathA Twist in the Tale (or Is That Tail?): How I Apply Health Psychology to the Human-Animal BondScientist-Practitioner Psychologist: Integrating the Human-Animal Interaction Into PracticeDogs as Co-ResearchersFrom an Animal Shelter Towards a Professorship in Anthrozoology: An Unusual Career PathThere Is a Shelter Dog in My College ClassroomHuman-Animal Interaction in Clinical Psychology: Teaching, Research, and PracticeAn Entangled Path: Human Animal Interaction and Social WorkSolidarity and Scholarship: Thriving as an HAI AcademicFrom Psychometrics to Animal MetricsRescuing Street Dogs as a Passion and a Way of Being . . .Working in the World of Human-Animal Interaction ResearchLessons From a Pioneer in Equine-Assisted TherapiesStudying Marine Mammal Behavior—Who Says Academic Careers Are Dry?Academic Pathways Towards HAICivic Engagement of Students Through Human-Animal InteractionsAn HAI Love Story: A Couple Collaborates as Teachers and Researchers Exploring Our Connection to AnimalsAn Academic Career Based on What I Love: People, Animals, and HealthII Academic—With Clinical WorkInsights From a Late Bloomer in the Field of Human-Animal InteractionsLabracadabra! The Magic of Animal-Assisted Social WorkHuman-Animal Bond in Colorado (HABIC) at Colorado State UniversityMutual Rescue: From Multiple Sclerosis to Working With Therapy Dogs in EducationGetting in the HABIT: Bringing Animal Assisted Interventions to Victims of CrimeA Social Worker’s Experience at a Veterinary School and Teaching HospitalSupporting Students and Companion Animals in University and Community Settings“Yes, I Work With Animals . . . No, I’m Not a Vet”—Animal-Assisted Intervention and the Indian ExperienceIII For Profit, Not For Profit and GovernmentMaking a Difference as an Animal-Assisted Interactions Program CoordinatorChanging Lives, One Service Dog at a TimeCanine-Assisted Family Treatment Court CoordinatorNurse-Led Canine-Assisted Intervention PracticePromoting Animal Welfare in a Context of International Development: A Career in the Non-Governmental SectorAdvancing Standards and Professionalization in the Field of AAIA Day in the Life of an Executive Director at an Animal Protection Think TankOccupational Therapy: Using Meaningful Occupations to Enhance Function Throughout the LifespanThe Clinical Direction of DogsAnimal Instincts: Following an Unmarked Path From Volunteerism to a Career in Human Animal InteractionA Look Into Animal Assisted Interventions Abroad: Entrecanes Association in Northern SpainProgram Design, Implementation, and Management: Human-Animal InteractionsExperiences in Animal-Assisted Interventions (AAI): Practice, Research, and TeachingHuman-Animal Interaction on the New York City Subway (Long Before Pizza Rat)A Fair Shake for Youth: Helping Middle School Kids Connect With Dogs—While Discovering Their Own Best SelvesKids and Dogs. Sounds Easy, Right?Working With a Facility Dog in a Veterans Affairs HospitalAn Industry Veterinarian’s Perspective on a Career in Human-Animal InteractionPick Your Own Adventure, Finding a Career in the Nonprofit WorldOrganized Animal Protection as a Career: Meaning, Mission, and the Academic ContributorIV Private Practice, AAI ProgramsSymbiotic Relationship Between Therapist and Co-Therapist: The Story of EmmieA Professional Transformational Journey in the Practice of Animal Assisted InterventionsA Legal Career With AnimalsConducting Canine-Assisted PsychotherapyScientist-Practitioner Approach: Harnessing the Power of Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy and Animal-Assisted Interventions in Private PracticeApplying Theoretical Frameworks and Organizational Structures to Help Develop the Field of Animal-Assisted Interventions: The Questions We Must Ask and the Answers We Must Seek . . .For the Love of HorsesPlease Bear With Me—Working With My Canine Co-TherapistCounselling With a Therapy AnimalForget Me Not Farm—A Haven for Children and Animals to Bond and Break the Cycle of AbuseIntegrating Human-Animal Interactions and Psychology: Research and ServiceThe Art and Science of Equine Facilitated PsychotherapyAnimal Assisted Play TherapyCreate Your Herd: Developing a Career Through Lived ExperiencesCanines, Equines, and Social Work

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