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A Practical Christology for Pastoral Supervision

Pastoral supervision in the Australian contextThe travesty and tragedy of unsafe churches: how did we get here?Settler stories: the making of an unsafe Australia and Anglican ChurchLarrikin stories: the merrymaking of unsafe practices in AustraliaRoyal Commission stories: the unmasking of the unsafe churchRecommendations: criteria and compliance for a safer churchReaction and responses: culture change for a safer churchPastoral supervision as the biblical and Anglican practice of oversightA practical Christology for safe clergy and church workersAcknowledgementsNotesWhat is ‘pastoral’ about supervision?Professional supervision: a brief history of the disciplinePastoral supervision: a brief survey of definitionsPastoral supervision in 2020: a preliminary theological assessmentWhat is pastoral about supervision?From competence (or compliance) to faithFrom goals to hopeFrom empathic understanding to reconciling loveAcknowledgementsNotesPastoral supervision in a digital age The COVID-19 crisis of early 2020Surveying the promises and pitfalls of the digital ageFrom principles of education to practical transformationFrom educative conversations to enabled communitiesFrom transforming practices to teleological promises‘Restorative conversations’: conversation (John 21:4-19)‘We make the road by walking’: walking (Luke 24:13-34) ’9NotesThe revealing Jesus What Scripture brings into the roomRevealing Jesus: Luke 24:13-34 (on the road, Emmaus)The revealing Jesus (Luke 24:13-48)Crucible of disappointment (Luke 24:13-14)Contemplation on roads of retreat (Luke 24:15-17)Conversation with compassion (Luke 24:18-24)Cruciformity (Luke 24:26-27)Conversation with challenge (Luke 24:27)Contemplation on roads of revelation (Luke 24:28-29)Crucible of celebration (Luke 24:30-35)Walking: the first Christological framework for pastoral supervisionNotesThe revealing Jesus What theology and practice bring into the roomContemplatingCritiquingConvertingNotesThe remembering Jesus What Scripture brings into the roomRemembering Jesus: Luke 22:39-53 (in the garden)Re-membering: the second Christological framework for pastoral supervisionPostscript: un-remembered by Jesus from the cross—the first wrongdoer (Luke 23:39-43)NotesThe remembering Jesus What theology and practice bring into the roomExpectingEncounteringNotesThe restoring Jesus What Scripture brings into the roomRestoring Jesus: John 21:4-19 (and Luke 5:1-11)The restoring Jesus reveals failings and failure, relationallyThe restoring Jesus remembers failings and failure, rightlyThe restoring Jesus interrogates failings and failure, rigorouslyThe restoring Jesus resurrects fidelity and following, reparativelyCoda: the call of the reconciling Jesus (Luke 5:27-32)Restorative conversation: the third Christological framework for pastoral supervision24NotesThe restoring Jesus What theology and practice bring into the roomCallingConvictingContendingNotesFive challenges for pastoral supervisors in the twenty-first centurySupervising people with Incurvâtes In Se: the spiritof Christ—for othersSupervising pastors who are insecure: the call of Christfor renewing vocationSupervising workers whose theology is invisible:the praxis of Christ for integrated ministrySupervising the church that injures and is injured:the community in, of, and for ChristSupervising the world via the internet: the crucibleof Christ—sacrificing and servingConclusionNotes

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