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Campus Network Architectures and Technologies

Getting to Know a Campus NetworkCAMPUS NETWORK OVERVIEWWhat Is a Campus Network?How Do Campus Networks Differ?What Do Campus Networks Consist Of?PAST AND PRESENT OF CAMPUS NETWORKSFirst-Generation: From “Sharing” to “Switching”Second-Generation: Layer 3 Routed SwitchingThird-Generation: Multiservice Converged SupportCampus Network Development Trends and ChallengesINEVITABLE INDUSTRY DIGITAL TRANSFORMATIONLarge EnterprisesEducatione-Government ServicesRetailCHALLENGES TO CAMPUS NETWORKS PRESENTED BY DIGITAL TRANSFORMATIONUbiquitous ConnectionsOn-Demand ServicesPerceptible and Visible ExperienceEfficient and Intelligent O&MStrong and Unbreakable SecurityOpen and Sharing EcosystemTHE INDUSTRY’S VIEW OF NETWORKS IN THE DIGITAL WORLDAutonomous Driving Networks May Be the Ultimate SolutionIntent-Driven Networks Achieve Level 3 AutonomousROAD TO CAMPUS NETWORK RECONSTRUCTIONUltra-BroadbandSimplicityIntelligenceSecurityOpennessOverall Architecture of an Intent-Driven Campus NetworkBASIC ARCHITECTURE OF AN INTENT-DRIVEN CAMPUS NETWORKKEY INTERACTION INTERFACES ON AN INTENT-DRIVEN CAMPUS NETWORKNETCONF ProtocolYANG ModelRESTful APIsSERVICE MODELS OF AN INTENT-DRIVEN CAMPUS NETWORKService Layering of an Intent-Driven Campus NetworkAbstract Model of the Underlay NetworkAbstract Model of the Overlay NetworkAbstract Model of the Campus Service LayerCLOUD-BASED DEPLOYMENT MODES OF AN INTENT-DRIVEN CAMPUS NETWORKBuilding Physical Networks for an Intent-Driven Campus NetworkULTRA-BROADBAND FORWARDING ON A PHYSICAL NETWORKUltra-Broadband Forwarding Driven by Changes in the Campus Traffic ModelEvolution of the Wired Backbone Network StandardEvolution of the Wired Access Network StandardEvolution of Wireless Access: Wi-Fi 4, Wi-Fi 5, and Wi-Fi 6ULTRA-BROADBAND COVERAGE ON A PHYSICAL NETWORKIoT Drives a Fully Connected Campus NetworkIoT-Related Communication ProtocolsIoT Convergence Deployment SolutionHigh-Power and Long-Distance PoE Power SupplyBUILDING AN ULTRA-BROADBAND PHYSICAL NETWORK ARCHITECTUREBuilding an Ultra-Broadband Wired NetworkBuilding an Ultra-Broadband Wireless NetworkBuilding Virtual Networks for an Intent-Driven Campus NetworkINTRODUCTION TO NETWORK VIRTUALIZATION TECHNOLOGIESVLAN and VPNOutstanding NV03 Technology — VXLANARCHITECTURE OF VNS ON AN INTENT-DRIVEN CAMPUS NETWORKVN ArchitectureRoles of a VNTYPICAL VIRTUALIZATION SCENARIOSHigh-Tech Industrial Campus: One Network for Multiple Purposes Achieved through Network VirtualizationEducation Campus: Integrating Server Resources through Network VirtualizationCommercial Building: Quick Service Provisioning through Network VirtualizationVXLAN TECHNOLOGY BASICSBasic Concepts of VXLANVXLAN Packet FormatVXLAN CONTROL PLANEUnderstanding BGP EVPNVXLAN Tunnel EstablishmentDynamic MAC Address LearningVXLAN DATA PLANEIntrasubnet Packet ForwardingIntersubnet Packet ForwardingAutomated Service Deployment on an Intent-Driven Campus NetworkOVERVIEW OF INTENT-DRIVEN CAMPUS NETWORK AUTOMATIONPHYSICAL NETWORK AUTOMATIONDevice Plug-and-PlayAutomatic Route ConfigurationSecurity Guarantee during AutomationVIRTUAL NETWORK AUTOMATIONMapping between VNs and ResourcesAutomated VN DeploymentUSER ACCESS AUTOMATIONUser Access TechnologyUser Access Challenges and SolutionsAutomatic Access ConfigurationAutomatic Account ManagementAutomatic User Identity IdentificationAutomatic User Policy ManagementIntelligent O&M on an Intent-Driven Campus NetworkGETTING STARTED WITH INTELLIGENT O&MExperience-Centric Proactive O&MVisualized Quality Evaluation SystemKEY TECHNOLOGIES USED FOR INTELLIGENT O&MArchitecture of Intelligent O&MData Collection Using TelemetryAudio and Video Quality Awareness Using eMDIBig Data and AI Processing ModelsINTELLIGENT O&M PRACTICESReal-Time Health Monitoring Based on KPIsIndividual Fault AnalysisGroup Fault AnalysisBig Data-Based Data ReportsINTELLIGENT O&M OF WIRELESS NETWORKSBasic Radio CalibrationBig Data-Based Intelligent CalibrationUbiquitous Mobile O&ME2E Network Security on an Intent-Driven Campus NetworkCAMPUS NETWORK SECURITY THREAT TRENDS AND CHALLENGESNetwork Security Threat TrendsTraditional Security Defense Model Based on Security ZonesAPTs Compromise Traditional Security Defense ModelsCORE CONCEPTS AND OVERALL ARCHITECTURE OF BIG DATA-POWERED SECURITY COLLABORATIONCore Concepts of Security CollaborationOverall Architecture of Security CollaborationINTELLIGENT SECURITY THREAT DETECTION BASED ON BIG DATABig Data Analytics ProcessPrinciples of Big Data AnalyticsEfficiently Detecting Security Threats with Deep Machine LearningIDENTIFYING MALICIOUS ENCRYPTED TRAFFIC WITH ECA TECHNOLOGYDetecting Threats in Encrypted TrafficLogical Architecture of ECA TechnologyWorking Principles of ECA TechnologyData Characteristics Extracted by ECA TechnologyNETWORK DECEPTION TECHNOLOGY FOR PROACTIVE SECURITY DEFENSEArchitecture and Principles of Network Deception Technology Network Obfuscation and Simulation InteractionOpen Ecosystem for an Intent-Driven Campus NetworkDRIVING FORCE FOR AN OPEN CAMPUS NETWORKFULLY OPEN CAMPUS NETWORK ARCHITECTURIntent-Driven Campus Network OpennessTypical Openness Scenarios for an Intent-Driven Campus NetworkCONTINUOUS CONSTRUCTION OF THE CAMPUS NETWORK INDUSTRY ECOSYSTEMIntent-Driven Campus Ecosystem Solution OverviewESL Solution for Smart RetailCommercial Wi-Fi Solution for Smart Shopping Malls/SupermarketsUWB Positioning Solution for Industrial IntelligenceJOINT INNOVATION BASED ON THE DEVELOPER COMMUNITYIntroduction to the Developer CommunitySupport and Service Provided by the Developer CommunityIntent-Driven Campus Network Deployment PracticesCAMPUS NETWORK DESIGN METHODOLOGYNetwork Design ProcessCustomer Requirements Survey and Analysis GuidelinesConstruction Objectives and Requirements AnalysisINTENT-DRIVEN CAMPUS NETWORK DEPLOYMENT CASESOverall Network PlanningManagement Network and Deployment Mode PlanningUnderlay Network PlanningOverlay Network PlanningEgress Network Planning Service Deployment PlanningSDN Controller Installation and Deployment PlanningSDN Controller Configuration and Provisioning ProcessHuawei IT Best PracticesDEVELOPMENT HISTORY OF HUAWEI ITCHALLENGES TO CAMPUS NETWORKS PRESENTED BY DIGITAL TRANSFORMATIONHUAWEI SCENARIO-SPECIFIC CAMPUS NETWORK SOLUTIONSAll-Scenario Wi-Fi: Covering Huawei’s Global Offices with Three SSIDsFree Mobility: Providing Consistent Service Experience for Huawei EmployeesCloud Management Deployment: Supporting the Rapid Expansion of Huawei Device StoresWi-Fi and IoT Convergence: Helping Huawei Campus Network Go DigitalIntelligent O&M: Driving Huawei IT to Build a Proactive O&M SystemBRINGING DIGITAL TO EVERY CAMPUSIntent-Driven Campus Network ProductsINTENT-DRIVEN CAMPUS NETWORK PRODUCT OVERVIEWCLOUDENGINE S SERIES CAMPUS SWITCHESAIRENGINE SERIES WLAN PRODUCTSAirEngine Series WACsAirEngine Series Wireless APsNETENGINE AR SERIES BRANCH ROUTERSHISECENGINE USG SERIES ENTERPRISE SECURITY PRODUCTSIMASTER NCE-CAMPUSCIS SECURITY SITUATION AWARENESS SYSTEMFuture Prospects of an Intent-Driven Campus NetworkINTELLIGENCE VISION FOR FUTURE CAMPUSESNETWORK TECHNOLOGY PROSPECTS FOR FUTURE CAMPUSESACRONYMS AND ABBREVIATIONS

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