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A short course of lectures
«Devolution and Localism in England»

Clarity of implementationThe Decline of the Region as a Focus of Strategic Policy MakingGovernment Offices for the RegionsFrom regional government to regional governanceRegional Elites and Regional Identities?The Coalition Policies in PracticeRegions and sub-regionsEnglish regional governmentNew Labour and localismThe value of a regional level of governanceFurther development of Local Enterprise PartnershipsReform of English local government and city regionsDo local elites want localism?The Development and Implementation of Coalition PoliciesThe rise of the Local Enterprise PartnershipsStrategic Leaders' BoardsWhat are the necessary regional functions which need to be fulfilled?List of AbbreviationsRegions and Regional Identity in EnglandThe Creation of the Local Enterprise PartnershipsCity deals and devolution of powersNew LocalismStakeholders and DemocratsThe Community LevelLocalism and the Death of the Region? Rhetoric and PracticeThe Coalition Government, localism and the 'Big Society'The Localism ActAcknowledgementsDecentralization to local governmentWhat Future is There for Localism?Multi-Area Agreements and City RegionsLocal Enterprise Partnerships, economic development, City Deals and localismWhat Might Happen Next?Is there value in regional and sub-regional approaches?Enterprise zones and citiesThe Concept of City Region, the Labour Government and the CoalitionUnlocking growth cities and city dealsLocal Enterprise Partnerships and future growthMass Media and Regional IdentityEnglish versus British IdentityRegions, the EU and bankingEngland as odd man outDirectly elected city mayorsDoes localism mean more centralization?Administrative decentralization in EnglandCity Regions, Local Enterprise Partnerships and Enterprise Zones: Elite ResponsesLocalism, Sub-regions and IdentityDecentralisationA New Broom? Coalition Policy and the 'Death of the Region'Cities, City Regions, Growth and the Devolution of PowersIs there a Role for English Regional Governance?Government and GovernanceEnglish Regions, Sub-regions and Issues of Identity and EngagementThe Big Society?Localism and GlobalisationDo Regional or Sub-regional Identities Exist?Government financeCoalition Urban PoliciesThe meaning of regionCities as Engines of GrowthDecentralisation and the Localism BillEngagement, Identity and Local InstitutionsCity regions and future growthCo-ordination of Sub-regionsDo the People want Regional Governance?Unified State and Decentralisation in the United KingdomWhat are Regional and Local Identities?Decentralisation and Governance in England and the UKCould English Regions or Sub-regions be Re-invented?The Attack on RegionalismLocal Area Agreements, Local Strategic Partnerships and Multi-Area AgreementsThe Views of Regional ElitesPrefaceDemise of the Regional Development AgenciesCriticism of Institutional EngagementEngland in the United KingdomDevolution, Localism and Good Governance in England
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