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Beyond the Blue Economy: Creative Industries and Sustainable Development in Small Island Developing

A difficult decade aheadDigital transformation and the rise of the creative industriesOrange is the new green (or Blue)The need for creative economy dataBackground to this researchMethodologiesNew models and new approachesReferencesThe challenges of Small Island Developing States and the Blue EconomyIntroductionSIDS as a conceptKey characteristics of SIDSVulnerabilityClimate vulnerabilitiesEconomic vulnerabilityThe issue of finance and debtConcessional financeReliance on the Blue EconomyThe dominance of tourismA case study of the MaldivesThe impacts of Covid-19 and economic uncertaintyA positive outlook for the MaldivesIncreasing global economic uncertaintyThe need for research innovationRoutes to resilience for SIDS economiesBroadening SIDS economiesConclusionReferencesThe Sustainable Development Goals and the digital-creative economyIntroductionThe origin of the goalsReconceptualising partnerships for the 2030 AgendaThe role of the private sector in delivering the SDGsThe digital-creative economy and the SDGsThe importance of the creative economyConclusionReferencesSmall Island Developing States and the Fourth Industrial RevolutionIntroductionAccelerating changeIndustry in transitionThe changing face of export-led growthThe 4IR and the developing worldThe importance of 4IR to the SDGsEducation and skills in the 4IR-enabled creative economyKey technologies for creative island economiesAl, ML and dataBlockchain and cryptocurrenciesImmersive technologiesCreative immersive content and tourismSmart cities and smart islandsSmart cities become creative islandsConclusionReferencesClusters beyond the city - a decentralised modelIntroductionThe ubiquity of clustersClusters and cluster initiativesIdentifying and establishing clustersClusters and hubsClusters and hubs in ‘other’ geographiesCreative industries and placeA case study of the Platform Moving Image ClusterThe nature of creative hubsClusters in SIDSNew model clusters: dispersion aud moveable hubsConclusionReferencesIsland states, innovation and redefining the helixIntroductionThe Triple HelixThe Triple Helix and creative industries: education, knowledge and innovation beyond universitiesThe Triple Helix concept and its limitations in SIDSReconceptualising the helixThe principle of agilityThe Agile HelixThe Agile Helix in SIDSThe role of SIDS universities in the Agile HelixThe role of industry’ in the Agile HelixThe role of government in the Agile HelixMaking the Agile Helix a reality for small island statesConclusionReferencesEcosystems and orchestratorsIntroductionThe concept of ecosystemsBusiness ecosystemsEntrepreneurial ecosystemsKnowledge ecosystemsCreative ecosystemsThe creative city as ecosystemThe role of government in creative ecosystemsThe role of the Agile HelixOrchestrating ecosystemsAn ecosystem for SIDSUsing cluster initiatives to turn the creative city into the creative islandUsing the Agile Helix to support the creative island ecosystemGovernment interventions for the creative island ecosystemConclusionReferencesCreative entrepreneurship and inclusive innovationIntroductionThe concept of entrepreneurshipInnovation beyond science and technologySoft innovation and the impact of CCIs on entrepreneurshipThe role of education in developing entrepreneurship in SIDSEducation for entrepreneurship, not entrepreneurship educationMaking entrepreneurship and innovation inclusiveEntrepreneurial ecosystemsBuilding entrepreneurial islandsFinancing island entrepreneurshipConclusionReferencesCR: the Second Creative RevolutionThe role of education and innovationRoutes to resilience for SIDS economiesThe creative economy as the foundation of sustainable growth for SIDSBeyond vulnerability: the goal of the creative island stateReferences

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