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Construction Project Monitoring and Evaluation: An Integrated Approach

I: Performance management and measurementProject managementAbstractIntroductionProject performance managementMonitoring and evaluation as performance management toolEmerging trends in project monitoring and evaluationDrone and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)Building information modelling (BIM)Geographic information system (GIS)Professional ethics in the construction industryAim of the bookSummaryReferencesOverview of project monitoring and evaluation researchAbstractIntroductionMonitoringTypes of monitoringEvaluationTypes of evaluationNeed for evaluationMonitoring and evaluationApproach, methods, tools and techniques of M&EMonitoring and evaluation indicatorsTypes of monitoring and evaluation indicatorsBenefits of effective monitoring and evaluationChallenges to monitoring and evaluationSummaryReferencesMonitoring and evaluation system and frameworkAbstractIntroductionLogical frameworkResults frameworkConceptual or narrative frameworkSteps in developing a monitoring and evaluation frameworkA monitoring and evaluation systemTypes of a monitoring and evaluation systemImplementation-focused M&E systemResults-based M&E systemCriteria for assessing the quality of a monitoring and evaluation systemSteps in developing a monitoring and evaluation systemComponents of a monitoring and evaluation systemCategory oneCategory twoCategory threeA monitoring and evaluation planSummaryReferencesII: Theories, models and concepts in monitoring and evaluation researchTheories of monitoring and evaluationIntroductionMonitoring and evaluation theory definedA review of monitoring and evaluation theoriesThe evaluation theoryTheory of changeProgram theorySummaryReferencesMonitoring and evaluation modelsAbstractIntroductionClassification of evaluation modelsSummaryReferencesConceptual IME model for construction project deliveryAbstractIntroductionKey determinants of effective monitoring and evaluationProposed IME conceptual modelTheoretical underpinning of the conceptual modelStructural components and specification of the conceptual IME modelIME model justificationSummaryReferencesIII: Communication and leadership in monitoring and evaluationAspects of communication in monitoring and evaluationAbstractIntroductionUnderstanding monitoring and evaluation communicationTypes of communicationIntrapersonal communicationInterpersonal communicationMass communicationGroup communicationCommunication modelsShannon and Weaver’s model of communication, 1948Lasswell’s model of communication, 1948Osgood-Schramm’s model of communicationAristotle’s model of communicationDavid Berlo’s S-M-C-R model of communicationFunctions of communication in monitoring and evaluationThe use of information communication technology (ICT) in construction project monitoring and evaluationBenefits of monitoring and evaluation communicationBarriers to monitoring and evaluation communicationAchieving effective monitoring and evaluation communicationSummaryReferencesPerspectives in monitoring and evaluation leadershipAbstractIntroductionTypes of leadership stylesLeadership theories: An evolution tree approachPersonality eraInfluence eraBehavior eraSituation eraTransactional eraAnti-leadership eraTransformational eraBarriers to effective monitoring and evaluation leadershipAchieving effective monitoring and evaluation leadershipSummaryReferencesIV: Country perspective on monitoring and evaluation practicesMonitoring and evaluation in developed countries: A global viewAbstractIntroductionOverview of the United Kingdom construction industryOverview of the Australian construction industryPhilosophical basis and policy for monitoring and evaluation in the United Kingdom and AustraliaMonitoring and evaluation in the public sectorMonitoring and evaluation policy challenges in developed countriesFindings and lessons learntSummaryReferencesMonitoring and evaluation in developing countries: An African experienceAbstractIntroductionMonitoring and evaluation in AfricaKenyaConstruction industry outlook of KenyaMonitoring and evaluation regulatory policy in KenyaChallenges in construction project monitoring and evaluation in KenyaConstruction project monitoring and evaluation in KenyaFindings and lessons learnt from KenyaSouth AfricaConstruction industry outlook of South AfricaMonitoring and evaluation regulatory policy in South AfricaMunicipal infrastructure project implementation and M&E in South AfricaThe South African Construction Industry Development BoardChallenges in construction project monitoring and evaluation in South AfricaFindings and lessons learnt from South AfricaSummaryReferencesA review of the Ghanaian construction industry and the practice of monitoring and evaluationAbstractIntroductionOverview of the Ghanaian construction industrySignificance of the Ghanaian construction industryChallenges of the Ghanaian construction industryIndustry challengesEconomic challengesProject management and implementation challengesConstruction project monitoring and evaluation practice in GhanaProject management consultantsMinistry of water resources works and housing (MWRWH)Qhana Education Trust Fund (QETFund)Metropolitan, municipal and district assemblies (MMDAs)Monitoring and evaluation regulatory policy in GhanaImplementation of monitoring and evaluation systems in the Ghanaian construction industrySite visit and inspection (supervision)Site meetingProgress reportingStakeholders involved in M&E in the Ghanaian construction industryBarriers to effective construction project monitoring and evaluation implementation in GhanaKnowledge management in the monitoring and evaluation of projectsSummaryReferencesV: Insight from Delphi research study: A case of Ghanaian expertsCase studyIntroductionDemographic characteristics of expertsDelphi-specific objectivesThe need for and relevance of M&E in the Ghanaian construction industryThe main factors and sub-attributes that determine effective M&E in the Ghanaian construction industry and its relationship with M&E determinants in other countriesCritical challenging factors that influence M&E in the Ghanaian construction industryImpact of effective M&E determinants on the success of project delivery in the QCISummaryReferences

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