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A short course of lectures
«Corporate Valuation and Takeover»

III: A Guide to Stock MarketTakeover Valuation: Dividend PolicyStrategies for Investment (II)An Aggregate Flotation ValueObjective Motivational FactorsThe Current Takeover SceneThe Price-Earnings Ratio: Past and FutureSome Observations on Stock Market Volatility(e) A Going Concern ValueThe MM Hypothesis and Shareholder ReactionThe Gordon Growth ModelA Total Market ValuationThe Capitalisation ConceptSubjective Motivational FactorsTakeover Valuation: The Case for Net AssetsAcquisition Pricing and Accounting DataStrategies for Investment (I)(a) Fixed Tangible AssetsManagerial Motivation and Corporate Takeover(III) Bonus criteriaHow to Read Stock Exchange ListingsThe Capitalisation of EarningsValuing the AssetsComing to the Market(I) Mandatory criteriaCorporate InformationThe Capitalisation of Current Maintainable YieldGordon's 'Bird in the Hand' ModelTakeover Valuation: The Profitability BasisTakeover Valuation: The Cash Flow BasisA Stock Exchange ValuationIV: Valuation and TakeoverCalculations and AssumptionsAcquisition Strategy and Stock Market DataThe Role of Dividend Policy(b) InvestmentsThe MM Dividend Irrelevancy HypothesisReview Activity(d) Intangible AssetsAcquisition Pricing-Profitability, Dividend Policy and Cash FlowThe Capitalisation of Dividends and EarningsStock Exchange Listings(II) Highly desirable criteriaTakeover Activity, Investor Behaviour and Stock Market DataDividends as IncomeII: Share Valuation Theories(c) Current AssetsHow to Value a ShareThe MM Hypothesis: A Corporate Perspective"Beating" the MarketInvestor BehaviourThe "Golden Rules" of InvestmentDividends for GrowthThe Number and Denomination of SharesDividend IrrelevancyA Valuation per ShareInvestmentHow to Value Goodwill
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