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A short course of lectures
«Corporate Valuation and Takeover»

Acquisition Pricing and Accounting DataCorporate InformationTakeover Valuation: The Cash Flow BasisDividends for GrowthA Stock Exchange ValuationManagerial Motivation and Corporate TakeoverComing to the MarketThe Price-Earnings Ratio: Past and FutureReview ActivityHow to Value GoodwillThe Role of Dividend PolicyThe Capitalisation of EarningsStrategies for Investment (I)The Capitalisation of Current Maintainable Yield(c) Current AssetsHow to Read Stock Exchange ListingsThe MM Hypothesis: A Corporate PerspectiveThe "Golden Rules" of InvestmentAn Aggregate Flotation ValueInvestment(II) Highly desirable criteria(b) InvestmentsTakeover Activity, Investor Behaviour and Stock Market DataSubjective Motivational FactorsA Total Market Valuation(a) Fixed Tangible AssetsAcquisition Strategy and Stock Market DataHow to Value a Share(d) Intangible AssetsIV: Valuation and TakeoverStrategies for Investment (II)Some Observations on Stock Market VolatilityCalculations and AssumptionsThe Number and Denomination of SharesTakeover Valuation: The Profitability BasisGordon's 'Bird in the Hand' ModelStock Exchange ListingsValuing the Assets(III) Bonus criteriaTakeover Valuation: Dividend PolicyThe Gordon Growth ModelAcquisition Pricing-Profitability, Dividend Policy and Cash Flow(I) Mandatory criteriaThe MM Dividend Irrelevancy Hypothesis"Beating" the Market(e) A Going Concern ValueTakeover Valuation: The Case for Net AssetsThe Capitalisation ConceptInvestor BehaviourA Valuation per ShareObjective Motivational FactorsDividend IrrelevancyIII: A Guide to Stock MarketThe Current Takeover SceneThe MM Hypothesis and Shareholder ReactionII: Share Valuation TheoriesThe Capitalisation of Dividends and EarningsDividends as Income
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