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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in 2D/3D Medical Image Processing

IntroductionComparison Between 2D and 3D Techniques in Medical ImagingImportance of 3D Medical ImageMedical Imaging Types and ModalitiesComputer Vision System Works in 3D Image AnalysisVarious Techniques in 3D Image Processing in Medical ImagingTypes of Medical Imaging Compressed by 3D Medical VisualizationD Ultrasound Shortens The Imaging DevelopmentConclusionReferencesAutomated Epilepsy Seizure Detection from EEG Signals Using Deep CNN ModelIntroductionMaterials and MethodologyDataset. NormalizationConvolution Neural Network (CNN)Result and DiscussionsExperiment 1: 10-Fold Cross Validation on 90:10 RatioExperiment 2: Training and Testing Ratio VariationConclusionReferencesMedical Image De-Noising Using Combined Bayes Shrink and Total Variation TechniquesIntroductionLiterature ReviewTheoretical AnalysisTotal Variation TechniquePixel Level DTCWT Image Fusion TechniquePerformance Evaluation ParametersMethodologyResults And DiscussionConclusions And Future ScopeReferencesDetection of Nodule and Lung Segmentation Using Local Gabor XOR Pattern in CT ImagesIntroductionHistoriesConceptsCauses for Lung CancerSolution Methodology With Mathematical FormulationsMorphological OperationConclusions and Future WorkReferencesMedical Image Fusion Using Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference SystemIntroductionOverviewDigital ImageTypes of Digital ImagesMedical Imaging TypeImage FusionLiterature SurveyA Brief History about Literature SurveySolution MethodologyProposed MethodologyApplying to ANFISResult and DiscussionConclusion and Future ScopeReferencesMedical Imaging in Healthcare ApplicationsIntroductionImage ModalitiesPET ScanUltrasoundMRI ScanCT ScanRecent Trends in Healthcare TechnologyScope for Future WorkConclusionsReferencesClassification of Diabetic Retinopathy by Applying an Ensemble of ArchitecturesIntroductionLiterature SurveyMethod and DataResultsConclusionReferencesCompression of Clinical Images Using Different Wavelet FunctionIntroduction: Background and Need of CompressionTerminology UtilizeD for ImplementationProposed AlgorithmCalculation for Picture Compression Utilizing WaveletInput ImageCompression Decompression and FiltersCompressionImage ReconstructionPerformance AnalysisImplementation and ResultAnalysis of CT Scan ImagesWavelet Haar Function Is UsedConclusionReferencesPSO-Based Optimized Machine Learning Algorithms for the Prediction of Alzheimer's DiseaseIntroductionRelated WorkMaterial and MethodsProposed WorkflowDatabaseData Pre-processingParticle Swarm Optimization (PSO) TechniquesMachine Learning ModelsExperimental ResultsDiscussionConclusionReferencesParkinson's Disease Detection Using Voice MeasurementsIntroductionLiterature SurveyParkinson's SyndromesSymptomsCausesThreat CausesComplicationsMethodologies Used in Present WorkMachine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI)Ensemble LearningAdvantagesData Drive Machine LearningArchitectureProposed SystemTestingConclusion and Future EnhancementsReferencesSpeech Impairment Using Hybrid Model of Machine LearningIntroductionTypes of ClassifierRelated WorkProposed WorkResults and DiscussionsConclusionReferencesAdvanced Ensemble Machine Learning Model for Balanced BioAssaysIntroductionRelated WorkProposed WorkExperimental InvestigationResultsConclusionReferencesLung Segmentation and Nodule Detection in 3D Medical Images Using Convolution Neural NetworkIntroductionReview of LiteratureRationale of the StudyMorphological Processing of the Digital ImageObjectives of StudyProposed MethodologyExpected Outcome of Research WorkConclusion and Future workReferences

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