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«Finance for Food»

The Subsidized Agricultural Credit ParadigmPoverty-Sensitive Scorecards to Prioritize Lending and Grant Allocation with an Application in Central AmericaSpecial Purpose VehiclesNew Approaches to Agricultural Insurance in Developing EconomiesResults After Introducing the Dedicated Agro Loan ProductAre Agricultural Portfolio Guarantees an Appropriate Tool?Emerging Models in Agricultural and Rural FinanceDefinitionsTowards a Hybrid Model of Agricultural MicrofinanceCommercialisation of Farming as an OpportunityAfrican Green RevolutionSmall Farmer Participation in Value ChainsSubsidize Institutions and Public GoodsDetails of the Program in Central AmericaPost-harvest Losses as a Critical Factor for Food SecurityFinance Structures in Value Chain FinanceIncreasing Outreach Through Branchless BankingForward Contracts, Futures and OptionsBranchless Banking: Banks' Internal SolutionsIV: Using Modern Technology for High-Quality Services in Rural AreasModern Rural Finance: An Emerging Model Drawing from Microfinance Best PracticesStructured Funds Investing in Rural FinanceDefinitions and Lessons from the Old Agricultural FinanceAfrican PotentialTameer-Telenor PartnershipImpact of VCF on Productivity, Quality and OutputVertical Coordination and Value Chain FinanceInsurance Products and the Overestimated Potential of Weather Trigger PoliciesCapital RequirementsAppendix 2: Features of a Hybrid Model of Agricultural MicrofinanceWarehouse Receipts FinanceValue Chain Finance What's New in Agricultural and Rural Environment?Building a ScorecardInnovation: The Driving Force in All Development PhasesPolitical SupportInnovative Microfinance: Potential for Serving Rural Markets SustainablyRisk Management ApproachInfrastructure BackboneMicrofinance Serving Agriculture and Rural AreasSetting Up a Bank-Led Mobile Banking SystemConcept of Structured FinanceTrade CreditRisk ScorecardDiversification to Remain a Core Element of Risk ManagementStrengthening Rural Financial CooperativesOperational Aspects of Agricultural Insurance SystemsReaching the Client in Geographically Adverse Conditions: Can Outsourcing Increase Effectiveness and Efficiency?An Application to a Grant Competition in Central AmericaGrow AfricaOrganization and Structure of Value ChainsDistributionRisk ScoringMobile Banking: Differentiated and Low CostLoss Management and Loss AdjustmentLaunch of Agro Loan ProductHow Innovative Agriculture-Specific Guarantees Could LookEmpirical Evidence on Actual RisksBranchless Banking: How ICT Boosted Outsourcing PossibilitiesPolitical RisksII: Institutional and Process Innovations in Serving Rural ClientsReceivables-Backed FinanceImportance of VCFModels of Private Sector VCFLoan Guarantee ProgramsSmall Farmer Inclusion and GovernanceExchange RatesAgro-IndustriesPrincipal Credit RisksPost-harvest Losses as a Factor for Farm IncomeI: The Big Picture: Global Trends Affecting Agricultural FinanceEx-ante Versus Ex-post Risk Management SolutionsCorridor ClustersPortfolio Management and UnderwritingGlobal Dynamics in Agricultural and Rural Economy, and Its Effects on Rural FinanceApplication of Structured Finance in Agricultural LendingThe Cross-Cutting Relevance of Transport InfrastructureCorridors EstablishedRequired Adjustments in Methodology: Becoming Client OrientedAfrican ChallengesAppendix 1: Segmentation of Agricultural RisksMega-Trends Impacting the Agricultural EconomyRisk-Based Differentiation Between Agricultural and Rural FinanceInnovative Insurance Instruments Need Further Study and DevelopmentFinance Through Food and Commodity Value Chains in a Globalized EconomyConcluding RemarksDefinitions and Classifications of RisksPolicy IssuesAgro Loans Providing Stability During CrisisImprovements in Legal Framework and Financial InfrastructureSystemAgro: Framework and Structural Aspects of Agricultural Insurance SystemsBusting Agro-Lending Myths and Back to Banking Basics: A Case Study of AccessBank's Agricultural LendingMega-Trend Impacting Both Agricultural and Rural EconomyAgricultural Value Chain FinanceAfrican AgricultureFirst Considerations When Setting Up Agricultural Insurance: System Approach Before Product ApproachPoverty ScoringRisk MitigationTypical Reservations Against Lending to FarmersGreenfield Small Business Bank in a Transitional EconomyInvestment OpportunitySuccessful MFIs Rerving Rural Areas and AgricultureThe Role of Government and DonorsThe SAGCOTRole for DonorsWarehouse Receipt Finance Providing Financial Services to Remote Rural Areas: Specific Constraints and CostsFour Cooperative NetworksBusting Agro-MythsTameer Bank's Experiences with Mobile BankingRisks in Agricultural FinanceBranchless Banking: Different Types of PartnershipsIII: Dealing with Risks in Agricultural FinanceFood Security and a Holistic Finance for Rural MarketsValue ChainsSpecific Risks in AgricultureContract FarmingWhere Is the Risk? Is Agricultural Banking Really More Difficult than Other Sectors?Global ChallengesRoles of Governments (Central and Local), Donors and Private Players in Supporting the New Agricultural and Rural FinancePotential Impact of New Agricultural and Rural Finance and Role of Major StakeholdersClassification of Agricultural RisksGrowth CorridorsAgricultural Growth Corridors – Unlocking Rural Potential, Catalyzing Economic DevelopmentApproaches to Risk Management in Agricultural FinanceAgro Loan Product Drives Regional Bank Expansion and Access to Financial ServicesWhen Should a Bank Contemplate Launching a Mobile Banking System?Supporting NetworksIncreasing Public and Private StandardsEfficiently Organised Value Chains Can Reduce Post-Harvest LossesPoverty ScorecardEasyPaisa: Story So Far and Way AheadAdministration and Data Management(No) Securitization in Agricultural FinanceIncreased Importance of Value ChainsThe Financial Systems ApproachMeasure and EvaluateThe Role of Donors and DFIs in Overcoming BarriersRisk Management Strategies and the Role of Structured FinanceInterlinked Contract-FarmingMega-Trends Impacting the Rural EconomyWhat Is the Impact of Rural Finance on Cost Structures?Food Which Is Never ProducedCurrent Status and OutlookMember-Owned MFIs in Agricultural and Rural FinanceManaging Principal Credit RisksAccess to Finance: The Case of PakistanLack of Agricultural FinancePolitical Risks Remain a ChallengeAgricultural and Rural MicrofinanceConcluding RemarksAgricultural Risks and Risk Management StrategiesMobile Penetration: Anywhere and EverywhereInvestors' Channels to Finance AgricultureReasons for MFIs Expanding into Rural AreasIncreasing Consolidation in Processing and RetailPolitical Interventions and Interest Rate CeilingsAgricultural Portfolio GuaranteesValue Chain Financing, Borrowing from Private Sector Financial Services to Small and Medium FarmersThe (Potential) Contribution of the Financial SectorApproaches to Manage the Specific Risks in AgricultureImplications and Perspectives for Agricultural FinanceWhat Are the Constraints Faced in Remote Rural Areas?Potential Impact at Micro, Meso and Macro LevelsRegional IntegrationThe Potential of Structured Finance to Foster Agricultural Lending in Developing CountriesThe Role of Government and DonorsThe BAGC
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