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A short course of lectures
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Are You a “No-Chance” Leader?Create Safe DiscomfortRole Model: Seek Discomfort YourselfWhen a Second Chance Is Worth the RiskWays to Increase AccountabilityTough Like an M&MBeverly Kaye's Open-Door LeaderJohn H. “Jack” Zenger's Open-Door LeaderAcknowledgmentsOpen-Door Leaders Are Opportunity CreatorsChip Bell's Open-Door LeaderMark Sanborn's Open-Door LeaderWhy Leading Through Fear Is Cheap LeadershipKevin Eikenberry's Open-Door LeaderHow This Book Opens Doors for YouI Knew an Open-Door LeaderOpportunity activates imagination.The Four Hallmarks of Open-Door Leadership RevisitedSymbols: You Weave the MeaningShowing That You CareGratitude Inspires AttitudeOpen-Door Actions and ReflectionsJim Kouzes's Open-Door LeaderIntroducing Open-Door LeadershipOpen-Door Actions and ReflectionsA Word Before You StartDeliver Discomfort in DosesGive Me a Break!II Doors of OpportunityOpen-Door Actions and ReflectionsOpen-Door Actions and ReflectionsThe Door to Personal TransformationOpen-Door Leader ExamplesUse a Barbeque in the Park, Not a Conference Room!About the AuthorSmall Proving Before Big ProvingI Before the DoorOpening HeadsOpen-Door Actions and Reflections“Open Door” Is Not a Policy!The Door to Your Open HeartOpportunity inspires courage.About Giant Leap ConsultingElaine Biech's Open-Door LeaderOpening Doors for OthersHead Smooshing to Show You CareWe Complexify LeadershipThem's Not Like UsCould You Be a Velvet Hammer?How a Follower Made Me a LeaderOpportunity pulls.ForewordThe Door to a Second ChanceHow Would You Handle a Hacker?We Can Simplify LeadershipOpportunity begets opportunity.Of Big “O”s and Little “o”sOpportunity AttractsHolding the Door OpenOpening YourselfThe Proving-Ground DoorOpen-Door Actions and ReflectionsEven Others Have OthersWho Deserves an Opportunity?I Resign From the Legion of Leadership ComplexifiersRole Modeling Personal TransformationKen Blanchard's Open-Door LeaderOpen-Door Leaders Move Us Toward Our Better SelvesHost a Dinner Party at Pearl Harbor?Open-Door Actions and ReflectionsAre You a Spiller or a Filler?Verne Harnish's Open-Door LeaderOpportunity FocusFrom One Man to an OtherInspiring Your Own Personal TransformationPurposeful DiscomfortStrategic ForgivenessLeaders Open Doors, Opens DoorsAn Open-Door Leader Strikes a DealOpen-Door Leaders Create Opportunities for WomenOpportunity points in the right direction.BJ Gallagher's Open-Door LeaderOpen-Door Actions and ReflectionsThe Thought-Shifting DoorOpen-Door Actions and ReflectionsHow You Treat People Determines the Results You GetLeaders Who've Opened Doors for LeadersFor a Better Result, Shift the LanguageCaring Begets CaringPrefaceHow Leaders Serve Up Opportunities
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