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Cryptoeconomics: Igniting a New Era of Blockchain

What is Cryptoeconomics?The Basics of CryptographyHash AlgorithmKey EncryptionDigital SignatureBasic of EconomicsIncentivesPunishmentSupply and DemandMechanisms of ConsensusThe Byzantine Generals ProblemCAP TheoryPoW (Proof-of-Work) MechanismProblem of PoW 1: Waste of ResourcesProblem of PoW 2: Environmental ProblemProblem of PoW 3: Centralization of Computing PowerPoS (Proof-of-Stake) MechanismLPoS (Leased Proof-of-Stake) MechanismDPoS (Delegated Proof-of-Stake) MechanismOptimized Consensus MechanismOptimized Versions of PoW MechanismLitecoin’s SCRYPT AlgorithmTandem and DashParallel Algorithm and HeavycoinPrimecoinEthash and EthereumEquihash and ZcashOptimized PoSByzantine General and Byzantine Fault-Tolerance AlgorithmAlgorithm for Realizing Proof-of-StakeTrap of Proof-of-StakePBFT Optimized Version: Federal Byzantine Agreement (FBA)Other: Algorand AgreementGame Theory and CryptoeconomicsWhat is Game Theory?Nash EquilibriumSchelling PointBounded Rationality ModelGame Theory Mechanism Design and Consensus MechanismGame Theory Mechanism Design and Blockchain SecurityProspect of Game Theory-Based Consensus Mechanism – Ethereum’s Casper Consensus AlgorithmBehavioral Economics and CryptoeconomicsBehavioral Economics vs. Traditional Economics: Irrational vs. RationalBehavioral Economics in the Blockchain WorldHow to Introduce Blockchain to Friends?Why are You Completely Indifferent to $10,000 Bitcoin, While Some People are Crazy for it?Why Do So Many Projects Like Airdrops?DAO is Really the Main Form of Organization in the Future?How to Control Our Impulses? Maybe You Need a Smart ContractDilemma of Multiple Choices: Why Do We want to Participate in All Projects?The Intersection of Behavioral Economics and CryptoeconomicsCryptoeconomics and the Security of BlockchainSybil AttackCost of Sybil Attacks on Traditional and Blockchain NetworksFork: Soft Fork and Hard ForkFork, Soft Fork, and Hard Fork ConceptsMain Characteristics of Soft Fork and Hard ForkThe Importance of ForksP + ε AttackWhat is P + ε AttackProtection from P + ε AttacksDAO AttackThe Significance of the DAO CryptoeconomicsZero-Knowledge ProofSummaryBlockchain in ChinaThe Power of Blockchain in Real LifeReal Use Cases of Blockchain in ChinaFinancial SolutionsPolice and Other Governmental SolutionsFood Safety and Supply ChainSecret of Chinese SuccessThe Future of Cryptoeconomics

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