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The highest growing market as per the analysis done for each segment is the neurostimulation market is about the bio-implants. This is because of consumer awareness and technological advancements. Another fact is that neurological disorders increasing in the aging population. Because of that, there is drastic development of advanced implantable neurostimulation devices. These can be cost-effective products with FDA approvals and passed all clinical trials [119].

The largest market is in the orthopedic implants according to the total shares in the world implants market till 2015. This is due to the increasing obesity and an increase in osteoporosis-related fractures in all age groups. Patients that opt for orthopedic implant surgeries have increased from the age group of fewer than 55 to over 80 years. New technologies developed like the creation of patient-specific implants, knee arthroplasty, 3D technology, and sculptural based CAD are being developed which have numerous benefits over implants. Figure 3.1 shows an overview of the implant usage statics [120].

Global bio-implants market

FIGURE 3.1 Global bio-implants market.

Figure 3.1 shows an idea about the implant market and its future scope. The growth rate is calculated as 10.3%, and the maximum market share of implants for the cardiovascular and next is dental and spinal implants. Most attracted implants are orthopedic, cardiovascular, and spinal as they are the important organs of the body. The world can create a greater sources for income from bio-implants which is found steadily growing across the globe. There are pros and cons for any substances as it is for bio-implants also. The price for the bio-implants and the deterioration of bio-implants are some of the major concerns. The world is looking for better opportunities as researches on bio-implants are going at a faster pace.


It is a saying that when you are evaluating the present situations and predicting the future, one must also reconsider the past. The modern medical field has begun to understand, realize, and utilize the benefits of biotechnology in health care similar to all other sectors. Design and material concepts for surgical implants are a study of material sciences and biomechanical sciences. Implants are being considered as a first treatment option by patients as it is so popular amongst over the other treatment modalities. It became о the mainstream for a dental practice. It has grown greater still a long way to achieve in the field of bio-implants. The process and investigation of biological component show that polymer material can be the best material which equally acts and reacts with better characteristics of biomaterials. It has good mechanical properties and can be used for the feature implants.

Polymers are highly corrosion resistant and wear-resistant materials. This material is highly biocompatible with the human body and suitable for the bioimplantation. The bone properties depend on the age and vary with factors like torsion, compression, tension, and bending. These factors would be easily matched with polymer materials as it has the best mechanical properties for better implants. Polymers are the highest percentage of materials with the properties also with the better biocompatibility can act as the reference material in place of ceramics and metals.

Biomaterials have a lot of advantages and can be used for many applications. Biomedical science and materials engineering can be combined as they are promising and largely falls in biomaterials and tissue engineering. Medical technologies are changing the way of lives and treatments as many advances being made in this discipline. The average lifespan of the human has increased as general medicine had improved all over the globe. On the contrary, the average life expectancy of over 80 years in many developed countries has created the problem of age-related illness. It is also a social concern to take care of the growing population. The aging process can be a happier one. But for many people, growing old give negative effects due to pains and stress. Bio-implants can give a great support to the aged people.


  • acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene
  • boron neutron capture therapy
  • chemical vapor deposition
  • computer-aided design
  • fused deposition modeling
  • mass spectrometry
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