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Continuous and Embedded Learning for Organizations

The Changing of the WorkImportance to the OrganizationCommunicationLessons Learned, or Re-learnedBurning Our Hand on the Same Stove and MotivationLessons Learned and Organizational DevelopmentWhy Lessons Learned Are vitalHow Lessons Learned ApplyInhibitors To CommunicationConflicting PrioritiesOffice Politics Is defined asPolitics—Personal Control and CertaintyPolitics—Relationships and OpportunityPolitics and ConflictSummaryEnhancement to CommunicationCorporate cultureTo Dyadic or Not (weak ties)Communities of PracticesTypes of KnowledgeExplicitTacit (Tribal Knowledge)Common Lessons learned MistakesNo Plans for LearningFailure to ExploitCorporate CultureWhy Organizations Fail to Exploit OpportunitiesProximity and CauseMotivationWhat Is MotivationThe Motivation MastersMaslow and ZiglarHerzberg and FestingerFestingerKurt LewinAlderferVroomSummationLearningWhat Is learningMethods of TeachingThe Learning MastersB.F. SkinnerArgyrisVision and Mission StatementsVision StatementsMission StatementsValue StatementsSummationOrganizing Learning for a PurposeThe OrganizationStructuralTeam SizeEnvironmentalContextualCultureLearning OrganizationProcesses, the Building Blocks for a Better ProjectRelationships, Projects, Processes And LearningWhy Do We Have Processes And ProceduresHow do Processes and Procedures relate to LearningMeasures to ... Processes, Procedures, and LearningModularity Within Project Management ProcessesLimiting FactorsLaw of Diminishing ReturnsTheory of ContraintsProcesses Make the Best Lessons Learned RepositoriesBenefits of CapturingOrganizing Lessons Learned by Process Helps Codify KnowledgeSingle Loop Learning TheoryDouble Loop Learning TheoryTriple Loop Learning TheoryOrganizational LearningTheory of ActionDownside of Capturing Lessons Learned in ProcessesOrganization Structure—LocalizationProcess RestrictiveSystem Effect RestrictionLesson from Lessons LearnedSummationSharing Lessons Learned across ProcessesLimits of Lessons Learned through ProcessesDistribution of KnowledgeDatabaseCommunity of PracticeSelf-OrganizingOrganization SelectedBoundary SpannersNetworksNodes and LinksStrong and Weak TiesThree-Way NetworkCliquesLearning from Experience, Experiencing to LearnLearning from ExperienceHow Can We Get Good Judgment (Learn)?What Happens When We Do Not Improve Our Judgment (Learn)?What Are “the Limits of Learning?”Planning Experiences to learnLessons Learned and Lasting ImpactLearning BehaviorChange and LearningLewin’s Planned Change ModelAction Research ModelPositive Model of ChangeSummationData SourcesUnderstanding Process InformationShewhart and DemingTotal Quality ManagementCause and Effect DiagramCheck SheetsControl ChartsHistogramsPareto ChartsScatter DiagramOther ToolsMind MappingDecision MatrixBrainstormingCommunicating the Goals of Collecting InformationHow to Analyze through Root Cause AnalysisWhy Formalize Root Cause AnalysisThe 5 WhysA3DQuantitate Analysis through Process MetricsUnearthed! Finding Golden Nuggets of Knowledge within Performance AnalyticsHow to Discover Lessons Learned from Performance AnalyticsChange ManagementIntroduction to ChangeOrganization Development and ChangePlanned ChangeUnfreezingMovement/ChangeFreezingPlanned Change SummaryUnplanned ChangeSocial Dynamic of ChangeSocial and Organizational NormsAcceptance of ActionsSocietal ChangesOrganizational ShiftsSocial Change and TraumaSocial Change and EpidemicsChange for the Sake of ChangeChange for ImprovementKnow your Gear PatternSelecting the Right Change Management StrategyUnintended Consequences of ChangeManagement Effect on ChangeLaissez-Faire ManagementIntrusive ManagementAuthoritarian ManagementConsultative Management (Democratic)CoachVisionaryServantPacesetterTransformationalTransactionalBureaucraticFollowing Up to Ensure SuccessHawthorne StudyMeasure Twice, Change OnceWhat Should Be Measured?How Should We Measure?Who Should Measure?How Do We Turn Data into Information?How Do We Display?Design Process Performance Metrics which Drive ImprovementInhibitors to ChangeNecessary Change ItemsAssociated Growth MetricsChange ManagementExcessive ChangeMinimalistic ChangeEffective ChangeQuantity of ProblemsLevel of FrustrationReportingProgress AssessmentsChanging the ChangeSummation of ChangeTotal Recall!How to Remember What You’ve LearnedLessons Learned Storage and HandlingDatabase StorageCommunities of PracticeChange Your Oil Every 3,000 Lessons LearnedMaintaining the Lessons Learned Process and ToolsLowering the Water LevelLearning to SwimDrain the WaterHow not Learning to Swim Can Help with MotivationMechanizing KnowledgePrevent Unlearning Through Holistic ChangeHow to Implement Lasting Performance Improvements through Aligned Contextual ChangesTechnologicalOrganizationalCulturalBetter Tools Make Better ProductsHow to Implement Technology Related Corrective ActionsBetter Teams Make Better ToolsBetter Understanding Makes Better TeamsHow to Implement Cultural Related Corrective ActionsTraining and DevelopmentTools and TechniquesTrainingDirect and OnlineInternal TrainingRapid Training Development (Team Members Train Team Members)External TrainingAgile ApproachesDaily Stand UpPairwise Learning (Spike)RetrospectiveCoachingExperiential CollectionLessons Learned Post-ProjectNATO’s Lessons Learned ProcessTemporary AssignmentsJob RotationsFailure ResumePre-mortemThought ExperimentsDiscussion BoardsGamification of LearningTestingFormative AssessmentSummative AssessmentLearning and LeadershipOrganization ApplicationManagementLearningManagement and Change ManagementInformation and ReportingInculcatingKnowledge SharingManagement Changes over TimeSummationProject ManagerLearningProject Manager and Change (Habits)Motivational CyclesKnowledge SharingWorkerEmpowerment and AgencyLearningThe Worker and Change ManagementInculcatingKnowledge SharingWar StoriesBad!Tuition ReimbursementPatentDeferred GratificationOvertime and Mandatory MeetingsEmployee Attitude Surveys (a Mixed Bag)Good!Easy Advanced degreeTeam Gets CertifiedMachine SupportDatabase for LearningProcess and Organization DevelopmentAppendix 1: Learning and Organization Development ChecklistAppendix 2: Clues! Signals!Appendix 3: Fallacies, Biases, and ArchetypesAppendix 4: Names and Theories

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