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Operating Suggestions

Many times, the fate of the downstream equipment is in the hands of the evaporative cooling system. On the high-temperature side, the bags in a baghouse may not be able to tolerate temperatures much more than the desired operating temperature. On the low temperature side, excessive cooling can bring the gas stream temperature and humidity to at or near the acid dewpoint. The evaporative cooler should be meticulously designed and maintained.

Make certain that the worst condition of the liquid you are using is made known to the evaporative cooling system vendor. Under hard water conditions, it is often wise to use softened water to reduce nozzle scaling and/or plugging. Filtered water is an absolute minimum requirement.

Allow in your design space to pull and spray lances or headers. Stage the spray systems if possible and allow for back-up spray assemblies to be used. The control system should also be anticipatory; that is, monitor trends in gas temperature versus the evaporative system response. If the controller senses that it cannot keep up with the evaporative demand, suitable alarms, or even shutdown should be activated.

Any feed pumps and compressors should be redundant if possible if the application is extremely heat sensitive (say, the source is above 1200°F).

Likewise, the cooler outlet temperature thermistor or thermocouple should be redundant to make certain that this important signal is clean and constant.

Spare nozzles (as a minimum) and spare lance assemblies should be purchased and kept in stock so that the evaporative cooler can be maintained at peak operating performance.

Do not skimp on evaporative cooler vessel size. An excessively small vessel can allow mist carryover to the downstream equipment and cause corrosive damage or, in the case of a baghouse, bag blinding.

A professionally designed evaporative cooler will temper a hot gas stream reliably, day after day, and help make any downstream equipment perform at its best.

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