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Atlantic Lives: A Comparative Approach to Early America

: Into the Atlantic CrucibleIntroductionSelection 1: An Early Portuguese Encounter with West AfricansSelection 2: First News of Native Americans in EuropeSelection 3: An Indian Perspective on the Europeans’ Arrival in North AmericaDiscussion QuestionsSuggested Readings: The Columbian ExchangeIntroductionSelection 1: An Elizabethan Scientist Admires Indian AgricultureSelection 2: The Exchange of Furs and Microbes in New FranceSelection 3: A Military Officer Contemplates Life in a Beaver LodgeSelection 4: Black Philadelphians Face a Yellow Fever EpidemicDiscussion QuestionsSuggested Readings: CaptivitiesIntroductionSelection 1: A German Soldier Fears Being Cannibalized by His Native American CaptorsSelection 2: The Captivities of Captain John Smith and PocahontasSelection 3: A Pennsylvania Woman’s Adoption into an Indian FamilySelection 4: An African-American Sailor’s Serial CaptivitiesDiscussion QuestionsSuggested Readings: Religion and ConversionIntroductionSelection 1: A Revolt among Mission Indians in New MexicoSelection 2: Native American Converts in Seventeenth-Century CanadaSelection 3: A Christian Indian Challenges His Colonial MentorSelection 4: An African American’s Conversion Experience during the Great AwakeningDiscussion QuestionsSuggested Readings: West Africa and the Atlantic Slave TradeIntroductionSelection 1: A Scottish Explorer Describes Slavery and the Slave Trade in AfricaSelection 2: A European Describes a Slave-Trading PostSelection 3: A Former Slave Remembers His Enslavement in AfricaSelection 4: A Surgeon Describes Conditions on a Slave ShipDiscussion QuestionsSuggested Readings: The Plantation Complex in the CaribbeanIntroductionSelection 1: Servants, Slaves, and Masters in BarbadosSelection 2: A Description of African Maroon CommunitiesSelection 3: A Former Slave Condemns the Inhumanity of Caribbean SlaveryDiscussion QuestionsSuggested Readings: The Spanish and Portuguese in the AmericasIntroductionSelection 1: An English Traveler Explains the Repartimiento System in Spanish AmericaSelection 2: An Italian Priest Describes Social Relations in Mexico CitySelection 3: A Description of Plantation Society in Portuguese BrazilDiscussion QuestionsSuggested Readings: The Dutch, French, and English in North AmericaIntroductionSelection 1: A Dutch Traveler in New Netherland/New York, 1679–1680Selection 2: A French Military Officer Describes the Indians of Canada, 1757Selection 3: Benjamin Franklin Calculates the Population of British North AmericaDiscussion QuestionsSuggested Readings: The Wooden World: Maritime Labor and PiracyIntroductionSelection 1: A Dutch Pirate in the Seventeenth-Century CaribbeanSelection 2: A Pirate Faces Execution in BostonSelection 3: An American Sailor Experiences Impressment in the British NavySelection 4: A Woman’s Perception of Life on a Whaling ShipDiscussion QuestionsSuggested Readings: The Atlantic Highway: European MigrationsIntroductionSelection 1: An Englishman Enters into an IndentureSelection 2: A German Migrant’s Passage to AmericaSelection 3: A French Account of a Passage to CanadaSelection 4: Two Scottish Opinions on the Emigration ExperienceDiscussion QuestionsSuggested Readings: Interracial Marriage and Sexuality in the Atlantic WorldIntroductionSelection 1: A French Nun Remarks on Native American WomenSelection 2: A Scottish Woman’s Impressions of Gender and Sexual Relations in the British West Indies and North CarolinaSelection 3: Interracial Intimacy in the Fur TradeSelection 4: An Interracial Marriage Causes Controversy in New EnglandDiscussion QuestionsSuggested Readings: Enlightenment and RevolutionIntroductionSelection 1: A French Expatriate Describes Colonial Society in British North AmericaSelection 2: A Trans-Atlantic Revolutionary’s Attack on Monarchy and AristocracySelection 3: An Anti-Slavery Advocate Defends the Slave Rebels of Saint DomingueSelection 4: A Creole Revolutionary’s Vision for the Future of Spanish AmericaDiscussion QuestionsSuggested Readings: Out of the Atlantic CrucibleIntroductionSelection 1: A German Traveler Describes the Race-Based Social Order of MexicoSelection 2: A French Traveler Considers the Future of Race Relations in the United States of AmericaSelection 3: A Free Black’s Incendiary Call for the Destruction of SlaverySelection 4: A Native American Challenges the Pilgrim StoryDiscussion QuestionsSuggested ReadingsChronology of Important Events in Atlantic World History

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