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Architectural Excellence in Islamic Societies: Distinction through the Aga Khan Award for Architectu

Decolonising geographies of architectural knowledgeThe Aga Khan Award for Architecture (AKAA)Architectural excellence: perceived and measured qualityA prelude for narratives of architectural excellence in Islamic societiesThe content and structure of this volumeNotesReferencesReinstating the enduring values of architectureArchitectural elements of enduranceHassan Fathy (1900–1989)Contextual inspirationsBeliefs and ideologiesFathy’s oeuvreFathy’s influenceRifat Chadirji (1926)Contextual influencesBeliefs and ideologiesChadirji’s oeuvreChadirji’s influenceGeoffrey Bawa (1919–2003)Contextual inspirationsBeliefs and ideologiesBawa’s legacyBawa’s influenceOleg Grabar (1929–2011)Contextual influencesBeliefs and ideologiesKey contributionsGrabar’s impactThe shared denominator and the enduring values of architectureNotesReferencesFrom restoration to sustainable urban conservationOn restoration and reuse of historic structuresGlimpses from selected projectsConservation of Sidi Bou Said, Tunisia (awarded 1977–1980)Darb Qirmiz Quarter, Egypt (awarded 1981–1983)Mostar Old Town Conservation, Bosnia and Herzegovina (awarded 1984–1986)Restoration of the Great Omari Mosque, Lebanon (awarded 1987–1989)Rehabilitation of Asilah, Morocco (awarded 1987–1989)Restoration of Bukhara Old City, Uzbekistan (awarded 1993–1995)New Life for Old Structures, Iran (awarded 1999–2001)Al-Abbas Mosque Restoration, Yemen (awarded 2002–2004)Rehabilitation of the Walled City of Nicosia, Cyprus (awarded 2005–2007)Rehabilitation of Shibam, Yemen (awarded 2005–2007)Revitalisation of Recent Heritage of Tunisia (awarded 2008–2010)Restoration of Rubber Smokehouse, Malaysia (shortlisted 2008–2010)Restoration of Souk Waqif, Qatar (shortlisted 2008–2010)Rehabilitation of Tabriz Bazar, Iran (awarded 2011–2013)Revitalisation of Birzeit Historic Centre, Palestine (awarded 2011–2013)Manouchebri House, Iran (shortlisted 2014-2016)Introspective analysisValues of excellence and the narrative of architectural and urban conservationNotesReferencesSustainable architecture and ecological infrastructureThe spectrum of sustainable and ecological architectureGlimpses from selected projectsMenara Mesiniaga/IBM Headquarters, Malaysia (awarded 1993–1995)Datai Hotel, Malaysia (awarded 1999–2001)Moulmein Rise Residential Tower, Singapore (awarded 2005–2007)Wadi Hanifa Wetlands, Saudi Arabia (awarded 2008–2010)The Green School, Indonesia (shortlisted 2008–2010)Palmyra House, India (shortlisted 2008-2010)Ceuta Public Library, Spain (awarded 2011–2013)Post-Tsunami Housing, Sri Lanka (shortlisted 2011–2013)Mapungubwe Interpretation Centre, South Africa (shortlisted 2011–2013)Apartment No. 1, Iran (shortlisted 2011–2013)Kantana Film and Animation Institute, Thailand (shortlisted 2011–2013)House of 40 Knots, Iran (shortlisted 2014–2016)Makoko Floating School, Nigeria (shortlisted 2014–2016)Reflection and discussionValues of excellence and the narrative of built environment sustainabilityNoteReferencesPlurality of architectural approaches and multiple modernitiesModernity, identity, and pluralityGlimpses from selected projectsThe Intercontinental Hotel and Conference Centre, Saudi Arabia (awarded 1978–1980)The National Assembly Building, Bangladesh (awarded 1987–1989)Al-Kindi Plaza, Saudi Arabia (awarded 1987–1998)The Nubia Museum, Egypt (awarded 1999–2001)Olbia Social Centre, Turkey (awarded 1999–2001)B2 House in Büykhüsun Village, Turkey (awarded 2002–2004)The Royal Embassy of The Netherlands, Addis Ababa (awarded 2005–2007)Ipekyol Textile Factory in Edime, Turkey (awarded 2008-2010)Issam Fares Institute for Public Policy, Lebanon (awarded 2014–2016)The Royal Academy for Nature Conservation, Jordan (shortlisted 2014–2016)Reflection and discussionValues of excellence and the narrative of architectural pluralismNotesReferencesDecolonisation aspirations of architecture in Islamic societiesGenerated discourse: seminars and monographsPluralistic aspects of architectural excellenceThemes and reflectionsExpanding the scope of architectureOutlook: a sustained quest for decolonised architectural excellenceNotesReferencesBibliography

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