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A Pedagogy of Equality in a Time of Unrest: Strategies for an Ambiguous Future

Change, hope and commitmentIntroductionThe distributive paradigm in educationLiberal hope in educationMoving beyond hopeThe function of hope in the distributive paradigmThere may be no hope, but there is still commitmentConcluding thoughtsRethinking emancipation, rethinking educationIntroductionSchooling is the problem, not schoolsThe state of education and the educational statePostmodernism and emancipationEmancipation and ambiguitySchooling without ambiguity and changeRancière and emancipationRethinking emancipation means rethinking educationConcluding thoughtsEducation and teaching as verification of equalityIntroductionThe political and the schoolRe-negotiation of the meaning of schoolingOrder, inequality and equalityTo be attentiveThe ethical foundation of knowing the truthConcluding thoughtsTeaching as the passion of equality at the border of inequalityIntroductionThe Swedish caseThis madness of public discourse on schoolingThree examples of empty speech on schoolingThe passionate teacherThe community of poets and teachingThe war on chaos is a war on bordersConcluding thoughtsPaideia and the search for freedom in the educational formation of the public of todayIntroductionThe revival of educational thoughtEducation without the lawDividing the wholeI am the people tooConcluding thoughtsThe scandal of a culturally responsive pedagogy, or teaching “anything to anyone”IntroductionCulture ICulture IICulture and educationMulticulturalism and polycultural societyResponsive pedagogy and democratic orderConcluding thoughtsA pedagogy of the depressedIntroduction“No Future”A pedagogy of the depressed?What’s wrong with instrumentalism?Neoliberal aggression against the publicness of the publicTurning public interests into private interestsDistributive education and schooling for allThe claustrophobia of automated learningThe educational impulse as the instantiation of a split in realityTeaching without a futureConcluding thoughts

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