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«Global Business Strategy»

Risk Factors in Indian Industrial Parks and Expansion into the Indian MarketGlobal and Chinese Construction Machinery MarketsThe Three Cs and SWOT Analysis in Management StrategyPerspective of Global Business StrategiesProduct Architecture and Technological Catch-UpGlobal Strategies for Emerging CountriesIs the Premium Market a Volume Zone?Wholly Owned Subsidiary or Joint Venture with Local CompaniesInfrastructure Exporting as a Systems Integration BusinessNSTDA and R&D Activities of Japanese Firms in ThailandImportance of Informal InstitutionsInternational R&D Management R&D Objectives and Regional DiversitySuzuki Motors Corporation and Its Overseas BusinessIndia's Automotive Industry: Huge Opportunities and Increasing CompetitionA Company with Balanced“Hardware,”“Software,” and“Regions”Background of Neemrana Industrial ParkCompetition with Western BrandsComparison of Economic Institutions in China and IndiaMain Themes of This Case Study and Points for ConsiderationThe Smart Factory Concept at Neemrana Industrial ParkBackground and Status of Expansion in NeemranaMahindra & MahindraSupply Chain Creation and Local Development InfrastructureScope of Management StrategyProducts and Services for “Good-Enough” Product MarketsInstitutional VoidsMultinationals' R&D in China and India China's Business Environment and Its RisksIndiaShiseido Marketing in China Hitachi Construction Machinery: Becoming a Wholly Owned Chinese EntityForeign R&D Activities of Japanese CompaniesKnowledge Management in Global CorporationsR&D Internationalization TheoryStrengthening Cost CompetitivenessGovernments as Alliance Partners in PPP Infrastructure BusinessesOverviewThailand's Science and Technology Policy and a NSTSDA OverviewThe Global Economic Forecast for 2030Directions of Global StrategiesMarketing Strategy in ChinaAlliance Forms and Management MethodsValue Chains and Global StrategyMarket Analysis Examples: China and IndiaEmergence of Threats Associated with Rise of Emerging EconomiesOrganizational Structure Within Global CorporationsPolyplastics Technical Solution CenterGlobal Strategy and Marketing in Emerging CountriesDMIC: Delhi Mumbai Industrial CorridorLong-Term Economic Growth by CountryBackgroundCreation of a Joint VentureIs China a Market or a Factory?China: State-Led Strategic Foreign Investment PoliciesII Fundamentals of Strategic PlanningThailand's R&D Environment from the Perspective of Foreign FirmsReverse Innovation at GE HealthcareMoving from a “Product-Centric” to a“Customer Value” ModelSuzuki Motor's Expansion in India China's Cosmetics Market and Shiseido's China ExpansionThailand as a Business DestinationNew Business Model as Response to Competition from Emerging EconomiesCreating Strong Business Models That Discourage Catch UpDifferen ces Due to the Nationalities of Foreign FirmComparative Institutional Analysis of China and IndiaShiseido's Global BusinessHyundai Motor India (HMI) LimitedActivities of Foreign R&D CentersThe Bottom of the Pyramid BusinessMarketing, Planning, and Execution: The 4PsAlliance-Based Global Strategy Comparison of Economic SystemsImportance of This Case Study and Suggested QuestionsBusiness Models That Are Difficult to Be ImitatedI Global Business StrategyRelation ship Between Headquarters and Local EntitiesNeed for Strategies to Respond to Local NeedsHonda SielFactory OperationsOverviewStrategy Integration at the Global Level India's Neemrana Industrial Park for Japanese FirmsSignificance of This Case Study and Suggested QuestionsStructure of This BookChanges in the Global Economic EnvironmentOverviewMarketing Theory in Global Business ContextDissolution of the Joint Venture and the Move to a Wholly Owned SubsidiarySuzuki's Business in IndiaShiseido ThailandSignificance of This Case Study and Suggested QuestionsIndia's Industrial InfrastructureOrganizational Management of Local R&D CentersGlobal Strategies and Differences in Internal and External Business EnvironmentsMerits and Demerits of Foreign R&D CentersSignificance of This Case Study and Suggested QuestionsDiversity in Overseas EntitiesReverse InnovationChinaPost-joint Venture ManagementConcepts of Corporate Management Strategy TheoryCompetitiveness Rankings: IMD's World Competitiveness YearbookTata MotorsReferenceMain Points of This Text and Remaining TopicsSelecting a Destination CountryCorporate Timeline and OverviewHitachi Construction Machinery (China) Co., LtdComparison of Political SystemsManagement Strategies for Global BusinessesIndia: The Steady Progress of a Democratic StateToyota Kirlroskar MotorsGlobal Strategy ImplicationsManagement Strategies Integrated at the Global LevelCompanies Operating at Neemrana Industrial ParkSteps in Marketing StrategyThailand's National Science and Technology Development Agency and Japanese FirmsMarket-Driven R&D in Maruti Suzuki
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