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«Global Business Strategy»

Supply Chain Creation and Local Development InfrastructureChinaMarketing Theory in Global Business ContextShiseido Marketing in China Thailand's National Science and Technology Development Agency and Japanese FirmsGlobal Strategies and Differences in Internal and External Business EnvironmentsMultinationals' R&D in China and India OverviewThailand as a Business DestinationChina's Cosmetics Market and Shiseido's China ExpansionThe Smart Factory Concept at Neemrana Industrial ParkGovernments as Alliance Partners in PPP Infrastructure BusinessesHyundai Motor India (HMI) LimitedInternational R&D Management OverviewOrganizational Management of Local R&D CentersBackground and Status of Expansion in NeemranaComparative Institutional Analysis of China and IndiaDissolution of the Joint Venture and the Move to a Wholly Owned SubsidiaryBusiness Models That Are Difficult to Be ImitatedTata MotorsCompanies Operating at Neemrana Industrial ParkIndia's Neemrana Industrial Park for Japanese FirmsNSTDA and R&D Activities of Japanese Firms in ThailandCreation of a Joint VentureStructure of This BookLong-Term Economic Growth by CountryMoving from a “Product-Centric” to a“Customer Value” ModelThe Three Cs and SWOT Analysis in Management StrategyManagement Strategies Integrated at the Global LevelThailand's Science and Technology Policy and a NSTSDA OverviewGlobal and Chinese Construction Machinery MarketsMerits and Demerits of Foreign R&D CentersIndia: The Steady Progress of a Democratic StateManagement Strategies for Global BusinessesProducts and Services for “Good-Enough” Product MarketsStrengthening Cost CompetitivenessA Company with Balanced“Hardware,”“Software,” and“Regions”Risk Factors in Indian Industrial Parks and Expansion into the Indian MarketMahindra & MahindraRelation ship Between Headquarters and Local EntitiesOverviewComparison of Economic Institutions in China and IndiaDifferen ces Due to the Nationalities of Foreign FirmIs the Premium Market a Volume Zone?Emergence of Threats Associated with Rise of Emerging EconomiesCompetition with Western BrandsCorporate Timeline and OverviewKnowledge Management in Global CorporationsOrganizational Structure Within Global CorporationsDiversity in Overseas EntitiesIndia's Automotive Industry: Huge Opportunities and Increasing CompetitionInstitutional VoidsGlobal Strategy ImplicationsNew Business Model as Response to Competition from Emerging EconomiesGlobal Strategy and Marketing in Emerging CountriesII Fundamentals of Strategic PlanningComparison of Political SystemsSignificance of This Case Study and Suggested QuestionsThe Global Economic Forecast for 2030Suzuki Motors Corporation and Its Overseas BusinessImportance of This Case Study and Suggested QuestionsToyota Kirlroskar MotorsProduct Architecture and Technological Catch-UpIndia's Industrial InfrastructureSignificance of This Case Study and Suggested QuestionsValue Chains and Global StrategyBackground of Neemrana Industrial ParkR&D Internationalization TheoryPolyplastics Technical Solution CenterPerspective of Global Business StrategiesMarket Analysis Examples: China and IndiaMain Themes of This Case Study and Points for ConsiderationChina's Business Environment and Its RisksConcepts of Corporate Management Strategy TheoryMarketing Strategy in ChinaMarket-Driven R&D in Maruti SuzukiHitachi Construction Machinery: Becoming a Wholly Owned Chinese EntitySelecting a Destination CountryShiseido's Global BusinessCreating Strong Business Models That Discourage Catch UpMarketing, Planning, and Execution: The 4PsSuzuki Motor's Expansion in India Alliance Forms and Management MethodsPost-joint Venture ManagementI Global Business StrategyShiseido ThailandFactory OperationsForeign R&D Activities of Japanese CompaniesR&D Objectives and Regional DiversitySuzuki's Business in IndiaDirections of Global StrategiesHonda SielReverse Innovation at GE HealthcareComparison of Economic SystemsNeed for Strategies to Respond to Local NeedsThe Bottom of the Pyramid BusinessDMIC: Delhi Mumbai Industrial CorridorBackgroundScope of Management StrategyReverse InnovationMain Points of This Text and Remaining TopicsActivities of Foreign R&D CentersGlobal Strategies for Emerging CountriesReferenceAlliance-Based Global Strategy Infrastructure Exporting as a Systems Integration BusinessImportance of Informal InstitutionsSteps in Marketing StrategyIndiaSignificance of This Case Study and Suggested QuestionsWholly Owned Subsidiary or Joint Venture with Local CompaniesIs China a Market or a Factory?Thailand's R&D Environment from the Perspective of Foreign FirmsHitachi Construction Machinery (China) Co., LtdCompetitiveness Rankings: IMD's World Competitiveness YearbookChina: State-Led Strategic Foreign Investment PoliciesChanges in the Global Economic EnvironmentStrategy Integration at the Global Level
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