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«Project Risk Governance»

Implementation of Project Risk ResponsesProgressing Between Project Risk Governance Maturity LevelsEssentials of Project Risk ManagementApproach to Developing a Business CaseThe Benefits of this BookAlignment with Project Risk ManagementInvestment ManagementComplexities of Project-Based OrganisationsThe Concept of Project RiskSteering CommitteesA Project Risk Governance Maturity ModelProject GovernancePerformance ManagementProject-Based Organisation StructuresProfessional AssociationsAppendix 3: A Project Risk Governance Maturity ModelAppendix 2: Constructing a Business Case for Project InvestmentsProject Risk Governance in ContextForewordMaturity Levels and DimensionsThe Concept of GovernanceWhat is Project Risk? - The BasicsProject Management OfficeProjects and GovernanceProject Risk Appetite and ToleranceImportance of Project Risk ManagementImplications of Project-Based OrganisationsThe Project Risk Management PlanStrategies for Value-ProtectingCorporate GovernanceBusiness and Project InteractionBusiness and Project Strategy AlignmentParadigmatic InfluencesCorporate and Project GovernanceProject-versus Product-Based OrganisationsSuggested AudienceProject Management Maturity ModelsResearch StudyProject SuccessProject ManagersProject Risk Governance MaturityPortfolio, Programme and Project ManagementBoard of DirectorsValue RealisationList of AbbreviationsStrategies for Value-CreatingProject Risk RegisterAcknowledgementHuman Resources ManagementThe Objectives of this BookProject Risk Governance - Structures and RelationshipsAbout the AuthorProject Risk and UncertaintyLinking Project Risk Governance Structures and ProcessesProject Risk Modelling and RankingThe Project TeamProject Risk Governance - Processes Appendix 1: Survey of Key Issues in Project Risk ManagementCriteria for the Business Case ReportFindingsProject Risk GovernanceUnderstanding ProjectsBusiness Strategy FormulationOrganisational LeadershipThe Structure of a Business Case ReportProject Risk - A Deeper PerspectiveScope of Project Risk GovernanceProject SponsorsChange ManagementThe Design of this BookProjects in OrganisationsAdvantages of Project-Based OrganisationsPerceptions of Project RiskConformance and PerformanceThe Project-Based OrganisationBenefits of Maturity Assessment
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