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A short course of lectures
«Project Risk Governance»

Human Resources ManagementPerceptions of Project RiskThe Project-Based OrganisationProject GovernanceSuggested AudienceProjects and GovernanceProject Risk Appetite and ToleranceProject SuccessProject Risk and UncertaintyAbout the AuthorStrategies for Value-ProtectingResearch StudyThe Project Risk Management PlanConformance and PerformanceList of AbbreviationsProject-versus Product-Based OrganisationsAppendix 2: Constructing a Business Case for Project InvestmentsImplications of Project-Based OrganisationsImportance of Project Risk ManagementAppendix 1: Survey of Key Issues in Project Risk ManagementForewordStrategies for Value-CreatingProject Risk RegisterProject Risk Modelling and RankingProject Management OfficeAlignment with Project Risk ManagementImplementation of Project Risk ResponsesEssentials of Project Risk ManagementScope of Project Risk GovernanceProjects in OrganisationsThe Objectives of this BookAdvantages of Project-Based OrganisationsThe Design of this BookWhat is Project Risk? - The BasicsProgressing Between Project Risk Governance Maturity LevelsBenefits of Maturity AssessmentProfessional AssociationsUnderstanding ProjectsProject Risk Governance in ContextInvestment ManagementProject Management Maturity ModelsOrganisational LeadershipBusiness and Project InteractionProject Risk - A Deeper PerspectiveA Project Risk Governance Maturity ModelBusiness Strategy FormulationBusiness and Project Strategy AlignmentValue RealisationApproach to Developing a Business CaseAppendix 3: A Project Risk Governance Maturity ModelProject ManagersProject SponsorsLinking Project Risk Governance Structures and ProcessesCorporate and Project GovernancePerformance ManagementCorporate GovernanceChange ManagementPortfolio, Programme and Project ManagementBoard of DirectorsProject Risk Governance - Structures and RelationshipsThe Benefits of this BookMaturity Levels and DimensionsThe Project TeamThe Structure of a Business Case ReportThe Concept of GovernanceSteering CommitteesProject-Based Organisation StructuresParadigmatic InfluencesThe Concept of Project RiskProject Risk GovernanceProject Risk Governance - Processes Project Risk Governance MaturityAcknowledgementCriteria for the Business Case ReportFindingsComplexities of Project-Based Organisations
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