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Dynamic Costing

Dynamic Costing 1PrefaceIntroductionCost theoryDecisions have to be individualizedAchieving the lowest possibly costsProduction type significanceDecisions and costsRegistration and decision-makingDifferent Cost DefinitionsCost case based on the costs of driving a car.Expenses, payment, and costsDifferent cost definitionsCosts of consumption/ usageOpportunity costsFixed Costs vs. Variable CostsFixed costsVariable costsThe problematic classic treatment of variable costsCosts of owning and driving a carDetermining unit of activitySeparation of Fixed and Variable CostsTime horizonPermanent vs. temporary changes in productionDiscussion of fixed and variable costsOther Costs Distinctions Relevant for Decision-MakingDirect costsIndirect costsReversible costsIrreversible costsComing costsGoing costsSunk costsJoined costsSeparate costsMarginal costsDifference costs: The Car Case "My Uncle's Car"The car case "My uncle's car"My uncles costs Relevant factorsCosts functionsExplanations and assumptionsSituation dependency of the cost functionThe product "a driven kilometer"Decisions and costsThe Management JobControl levelsThe learning curveThe learning curve and the short and long-termCost FunctionsPurpose of cost functionsCost Functions in the Short-TermTotal functionsAverage functionsMarginal functionsThe cost developmentThe connection between total costs, average costs, and marginal costs.The North Sealand Raspberry PlantationNorth Sealand Raspberry PlantationThe costs in a tableCosts shown mathematically.Costs shown graphicallyEasymapCostsCosts shown mathematicallyCosts shown graphicallyThe Printing HouseThe Printing HouseCost functionsTotal costsAverage costsMarginal costsGraphics presentation of the cost functionsWeakness of the cost functionsDifferent Cost Types as a Function of Different Decision-Making SituationsIntroductionGeneral variabilityCost typesExamining Different Cost TypesRaw materialsPurchasing discountsRaw materials -opportunity costsHourly wages -blue collarProduction costs, directProduction costs, indirectAdministrationDepreciationInterestInsurance, design, etc.Overhead "by-one costs"CalculationsIntroductionThe job of a calculationDefinition of a calculationCosts vary with the purpose and the job.Collection of data and calculationsTypical cost divisionsOptimizationThe calculation problemCosts centers and cost bearersDistribution plansABC termsPossible cost attributionDifferent Calculation ModelsCost modelsVariable costs and capacity costsThe full cost modelThe contribution margin modelActivity Based costingABCCost pools / Cost centersCost objectsCost drivers/ ActivitiesMore long-term orientedMore true and fairCost driversABC and the full distribution cost modelABC and the margin contribution modelThe justification of ABCCriticism of ABCNo universal recipeDK bodywork parts Ltd.Working procedure on a front wing/fenderChoice of cost calculationsThe margin contribution modelIndirect variable costsThe ABC modelProduction type costsThe full cost modelIndirect variable costsDirect fixed costsIndirect fixed costs