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A short course of lectures
«Dynamic Costing»

The learning curveCosts shown mathematicallyABC termsGraphics presentation of the cost functionsExplanations and assumptionsDifferent cost definitionsWorking procedure on a front wing/fenderDecisions and costsThe problematic classic treatment of variable costsCost driversCost objectsDifferent Cost DefinitionsGeneral variabilityDiscussion of fixed and variable costsCosts vary with the purpose and the job.The margin contribution modelThe North Sealand Raspberry PlantationMore long-term orientedProduction type costsDynamic Costing 1Indirect costsDetermining unit of activityWeakness of the cost functionsActivity Based costingVariable costsDepreciationCost modelsCosts functionsComing costsCost Functions in the Short-TermAdministrationMarginal costsPrefaceSunk costsCosts of consumption/ usageMore true and fairMy uncles costs The calculation problemCosts of owning and driving a carHourly wages -blue collarInsurance, design, etc.Raw materialsAverage costsCost drivers/ ActivitiesMarginal costsGoing costsThe Management JobThe car case "My uncle's car"Collection of data and calculationsCosts shown graphicallyPurpose of cost functionsRegistration and decision-makingOptimization: The Car Case "My Uncle's Car"The Printing HouseInterestPossible cost attributionDK bodywork parts Ltd.Relevant factorsNo universal recipeDifference costsCriticism of ABCCost FunctionsEasymapTypical cost divisionsCostsDistribution plansReversible costsFixed Costs vs. Variable CostsJoined costsProduction type significanceThe job of a calculationABC and the full distribution cost modelVariable costs and capacity costsCost pools / Cost centersThe product "a driven kilometer"Costs centers and cost bearersDefinition of a calculationCosts shown graphicallyOther Costs Distinctions Relevant for Decision-MakingCalculationsDirect fixed costsThe ABC modelCost case based on the costs of driving a car.The full cost modelExamining Different Cost TypesControl levelsThe connection between total costs, average costs, and marginal costs.Fixed costsCosts shown mathematically.Separation of Fixed and Variable CostsThe costs in a tableOpportunity costsRaw materials -opportunity costsTime horizonChoice of cost calculationsThe full cost modelDifferent Calculation ModelsSeparate costsDecisions and costsDifferent Cost Types as a Function of Different Decision-Making SituationsIndirect variable costsDirect costsPermanent vs. temporary changes in productionThe justification of ABCSituation dependency of the cost functionProduction costs, directABCTotal costsMarginal functionsProduction costs, indirectThe cost developmentIndirect fixed costsPurchasing discountsCost functionsNorth Sealand Raspberry PlantationOverhead "by-one costs"The contribution margin modelTotal functionsIndirect variable costsThe Printing HouseThe learning curve and the short and long-termAverage functionsCost typesExpenses, payment, and costsABC and the margin contribution modelIrreversible costs
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