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Tourism Marketing in Bangladesh: An Introduction

Tourism marketing overviewTourism marketing in BangladeshIntroductionTourism marketing research: theoretical underpinningsHow can be the marketing mix model applied?The “interrelatedness” of tourism marketingTourism marketing research: the past, the present and the futureCross-country experiences of tourism marketingBangladeshTourism marketing in BangladeshCritical explanations: drawback and prospect analysisConclusion and RecommendationsReferencesServices and products of tourismExisting tourism products and service offers in BangladeshIntroductionTourism products and servicesMethodsBrief profiling of tourism products and services in BangladeshResourcesFacilitiesServicesOutputsConclusionReferencesTourism and air transport sustainability in Bangladesh: the role of technologyIntroductionTourism in Bangladesh - popular tourist attractionsTourism, air transport and technologyThe importance of technology for the Bangladesh air transport industryHow the nine pillars of technology' could improve Bangladesh air transport and the tourism industryConclusionReferencesSocio-economic impacts of accommodation on tourism development: Bangladesh perspectiveIntroductionLiterature reviewBackground of BangladeshTheoretical backgroundMethodology, data analysis and resultsRecommendations to promote accommodation in the tourism industry of BangladeshConclusionReferencesTourist transportation in BangladeshIntroductionTourism trade in BangladeshTourist transportationTourist transportation in BangladeshTourist transportation administration in BangladeshComparative advantages of modes of tourist transportation in BangladeshTransport as a promoting element of tourist destinationTourist mobility impacts the environmentTourist transportation in Bangladesh: some challengesTourist transportation in Bangladesh: suggestionsConclusionReferencesThe role of marketing in strategic deliveryStrategic analysis of competitiveness of travel and tourism in BangladeshIntroductionConcept of competitivenessDestination competitivenessKey indicators of defining competitiveness in tourism industryMeasuring destination competitivenessSWOT analysis of the tourism industry of BangladeshStrategic situation analysis for the Bangladesh tourism industryStructural problems and issues of the tourism industry of BangladeshLessons from other countriesConclusion and recommendationsReferencesConceptual analysis on tourism product and service promotion with special reference to BangladeshIntroductionThe concept of promotionTourism promotionObjectives of tourism promotionEffective tools for tourism products and services promotionIMC for domestic tourists and foreign touristsSetting the promotional budget for tourism product and servicesTools for measuring tourism promotion effectivenessFramework for developing tourism campaignsPresent status of marketing promotion in the Bangladesh tourism industryThe challenges of implementing promotion tools in tourism industry of BangladeshConclusion and recommendationsReferencesPromoting tourism in Bangladesh: Policies, issues and challengesIntroductionFactors affecting tourism growth and developmentEvaluation of tourism organizationsand policies in BangladeshConclusionNotesReferencesTechnology in tourism marketingInnovative technology application in tourism marketingIntroductionInnovation technology' example: augmented reality'Digital marketingPull digital marketingPush digital marketingAR and digital marketingAR marketing for the Bangladesh tourism industryAccommodationsTransportRestaurants / cateringAttractionMarketingNavigationLanguage barriersConclusionReferencesGlobalization and tourism marketingGlobalization effects on tourism marketing in BangladeshIntroductionLiterature reviewMethodologyDiscussion and policy guidance for tourism marketing in BangladeshConclusionReferencesTourism marketing: risk perceptionPerceived risks of tourism in BangladeshIntroductionLiterature reviewTravel and tourism in BangladeshResearch methodsData analysis and findingsConclusion and implicationsReferencesTourism marketing and human resource managementA conceptual study on human resource compensation practices in BangladeshIntroductionImportance of compensation in achieving organizational competitive advantagesMethodologyEmerging trends of HRM practices in Bangladesh: a critical assessmentHRM compensation perspective and practices in BangladeshPay structure in public sector organizationsPay structures in private sector organizationsFuture challenges of HR compensation practices in BangladeshConclusionReferencesTourism marketing and capital investmentEconomic contribution of tourism in Bangladesh: capital investment perspectiveIntroductionLiterature reviewMethodologyEmpirical resultsRecommendationsConclusionReferencesThe competitive power of capital structure in a tourism destinationIntroductionLiterature reviewHypotheses developmentMethodologyModel specificationEmpirical resultsConclusion and policy implicationsReferencesRevenue management in the tourism and hospitality industry with special reference to BangladeshIntroductionConcepts and models of revenue managementIntroduction of loyalty card programmesImprovements of RM through loyalty card programmes — suggested approachImplementation of this new approachEvaluation of this suggested approachPricing techniquesCase studySuggestionsConclusionReferencesTourism marketing and green productsEnvironmental marketing: Tourists’ purchase behaviour response on green productsIntroductionLiterature reviewMethodologyResults and discussionThe results of the hypotheses, interpretation and discussionManagerial ImplicationsConclusions and recommendationsReferencesTourism marketing and country imageThe curious case of Bangladesh and Nepal: tourism advertising to transform country image and empower developing countriesIntroductionThe importance of tourism advertising for developing countriesStrategies developing countries could take into account as they develop tourism advertising campaigns“Beautiful Bangladesh” tourism advertising campaign“Visit Nepal Year 2020: Lifetime Experiences” tourism advertising campaignConclusionReferencesFuture trends, implications and challengesPotentials of tourism products and services in BangladeshIntroductionTourism in Bangladesh: potentials at the baselineBangladesh and neighbouring countriesTourism resource development and sustainability concernsTourism resources developmentConclusionReferences

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