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A short course of lectures
«Sociological Theory and the Question of Religion»

Deproblematising ModernityEvidence of ChangeCritical Discourse Analysis and Critical Sociology of ReligionWhat Sort of Theory Should We Use?Putting Baby Back in the Bath: Theorising Modernity for the Contemporary Sociology of ReligionThe Current VolumeModernity in the DockBeyond Structure and Agency: Critical Hermeneutics in the Study of Religion and GenderSaying the UnsaidSimmel and DurkheimI. The State of the Art and Science of the Sociology of ReligionThinking Sociologically about Religion: A Step Change in the Debate?The Problem at HandA Broad Perspective on the Aestheticization of ReligionMammonismLatin America: The Dialectic Transcended in a Time of Both Religious Revival and SecularizationDifferent Situations Call for Different Methodological SensitivitiesThe Dialectic Transcended: Beyond Popular ReligionNew InitiativesThe Discursive Dialectics of SecularisationThe Secularization of Religious Reason in Liberation TheologyRecent Developments in British Sociology of ReligionStudying Religion and Gender with (and against) BourdieuGod as a Symbol of SocietyHope and ReligionWeber, Universalism and ChinaListening Subjects, Rationality and ModernityList of ContributorsThe Dialectic of the Popular and the EruditeThe Sacramental Mechanism: Religion and the Civilizing Process in Christian Western Europe with Particular Reference to the Peace of God Movement and its AftermathListening as the Practice of RationalityMultiple ModernitiesNew QuestionsLearning to ListenChristmas Concerts: An Evocative RitualV. Power, Gender and DiscourseTheory in the Study of ReligionThe Nature of Social TheoryCapitalism as ReligionReligion and Monetary Culture in the Sociology of Georg SimmelThe Supernatural, Ritual and UncertaintyThe Axial Age Religions: The Debate and its Legacy for Contemporary SociologyAestheticization: The Social ContextCritical Sociology of Religion and the Importance of DiscourseReligion as Legitimate IdentityAcknowledgementsBrief Concluding RemarksGod/Money EquationRitual PromiscuityII. History and ReligionThe Civilizing ProcessMoney/Society EquationExchange in a Secularized Religious SettingPutting Baby Back in the BathThe Sacramental Mechanism and the Prohibition of ViolenceSimmel's Concept of ReligionStudying Multimodal ReligionOpium of the People - and MoreIII. Religion and ModernityKarl Jaspers, Max Weber and the Axial AgeUnderstanding DiscourseThe Embeddedness of DiscourseIV. Ethnographies of Listening to Churches: aesthetics and rationalityThe Hereafter and its RewardsAcknowledgementReligion and the Civilizing ProcessCritical Discourse Analysis in the Sociology of ReligionMoney/Religion ComplexListening, Meaning and ModernityBourdieu and GenderBeing CriticalBeyond Habitus: Researching Gender and Religion through the Ontology of Social RelationsWhat Sort of Social Theory Would Benefit the Sociology of Religion?Feminist Critique of Masculine DominationPlaying the Sensual Card in Churches: Studying the Aestheticization of ReligionTowards an Ontology of Social Relations in the Study of Gender and ReligionPax Dei and its Reverberations
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